Americans love to go.

That’s why we were first to come up with a real car.

(We don’t even have to be going anywhere in particular – which is why we were also first to come up with the concept of “cruising”.)

But we like to stay connected, too.

And according to a new study from comScore, we’re getting ever more connected while on the go. They found that over 72 million US users accessed social media by mobile device in August alone – up 37% from 2010.

Social media is one of the most popular and fastest growing mobile activities, reaching nearly one third of all U.S. mobile users… This behavior is even more prevalent among smartphone owners with three in five accessing social media each month…

Most importantly? (For our purposes anyway…)

Over 40 million of those mobile users (52.9%, in fact) read posts from organizations/brands/events.

Advertisers and marketers should take note – mobile users are not only engaging with their friends through social networking, but a majority are also interacting with brands in these social media environments.

The numbers show, even on the go, we’re in the know. So! Get your ducks in a row. The mobile/social combo might help you make some dough.

(Apparently, we’re also poets. Who knew?)

We’d better watch… The boss will start to think we’re loco. And give us the heave-ho! Oh, no!

OK… now we’re just getting ridiculous. We’re done here.