ryan gosling

Cote Media’s staff is 1/3 women.  This blog is being written by one of said women.  Our company was founded by a pair of educated, passionate brothers. These are facts that you don’t need to know, but with the subject matter that follows, you might be wondering.

This past weekend, a lot of women were offended by the advice of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Why are so many women, especially those in a male dominated work force, mad at Nadella?

One female radio DJ reported that Nadella (whose name she’d forgotten in the moment and didn’t care to recall because she was offended so by his words) said “women shouldn’t ask for raises.”

If that was the only report you heard, you might think that was all to his response; there’s no more to it, onto the next question!  If you’re response is guided by the outraged tone of the DJ, you might assume that Nadella doesn’t believe women should receive equal pay or that they should keep their heads down at the office.  If that was the only report you heard, and you’ve taken a side on the issue, and you’re not budging, you’re doing it wrong!

With a background in media studies, this blogger has a firm belief in getting the full story! That means reviewing multiple sources before taking a view, and it something all educated people do. Forbes Magazine summed it up best: Nadella believes it’s not necessary to ask for a raise because employees should believe in a system that will reward their work, and he isn’t coming from a sexist view point.


Nadella received this advice from a former employer.  When he was itching for a promotion, wondering if he was “being sufficiently recognized for his work,” his boss advised him to “believe in the system and the right things will happen.” Now hold onto your seats for this one: said former boss is a woman!

Maybe find it hard to believe that if they work for the job they want, they’ll be offered that dream position without asking.  But we have to wonder: if a successful woman in the computing world gave the same advice on that stage, would she be an anti-feminist or just naïve? Or maybe she’d be seen as a woman working at an equal-opportunity work place!

Still wondering if you should approach your boss about moving up in the business? Whether you or your superior is male or female, we have one piece of advice: don’t ask, tell! Rather than asking for more money or a new title, if you believe you deserve it, tell your boss why they should give you a better package and how both parties can work together to better the company!  Read why the experts back this approach, from Fortune Magazine.