Start using Facebook as a Business Page, and you will be impressed by the features available at first glance. An assortment of tabs provide several options for displaying media and news for an organization. But don't stop there! Once you're comfortable with your Facebook Business Page, it's time to create a Business Manager Account, install a Facebook Pixel, and sign up for an Ad Account.

Some business owners see this process as a complicated maze of settings within Facebook and eventually give up. But don't quit! It's not as complicated as it may appear. After creating a business profile, your next stop is going to to generate a larger account.

Don't worry! Facebook won't start billing you and you will not be required to enter any payment details. Billing details will not be required until you create ads and start publishing them through Ads Manager,

What might be your first step after creating a Business Manager Account for your page? Generating a Facebook Pixel should be one of your first steps. Installing the Pixel on your website is paramount to your success.

But I'm not a coder, you might think. How can I install this on my site?

Fortunately, if you use any of the most popular website platforms (WordPress, Shopify, or HubSpot), it's not necessary to use code. There are a variety of plugins available where you simply copy and paste the code into the plugin. The plugin does the rest! The only recommendation here is that you choose a plugin from Facebook Developers, and not a plugin from any random developer. Make sure to check your plugin's author!

So I've installed Facebook Pixel, you think, now what?

Don't be worried by a blank dashboard. Data will start accumulating quickly and then the magic happens! With the data you collect using the Pixel, you can then begin creating lookalike audiences, custom audiences, retargeting campaigns and more.

Wondering where customers drop off before making a purchase on your site? Create a funnel of your expected path toward checkout and watch where visitors exit! You might discover an unrecognized deterrent on your site that is preventing visitors from completing a purchase.

Here are a few screenshots of the Facebook Pixel Dashboard to see how robust it is:

If you need help setting up your Facebook Pixel, message us today! Russ Cote leads Facebook Pixel workshops throughout the United States!