It’s no secret that Red Bank, New Jersey, is a town bursting with small businesses. From entertainment to clothing to food and so much more, it’s hard to find any chains in the area. These businesses are only small in name, though. While some may have just one storefront, they are fighting to keep those doors open! One shop in particular, The Cheese Cave, has been open for over three years now.  What’s the secret of their success?

According to James Scavone, executive director for Red Bank RiverCenter, being active on social media doesn’t hurt! “Restaurants showcase their specials or upload photos of new dishes daily to entice customers.” When you navigate to The Cheese Cave Facebook page, the first thing you see is photos of their Sandwicheeses along with the weekly menu every seven days. They also post the weekly lineup for $5 Friday, other event news, and cheese facts consistently! The insight tab on their Facebook page doesn’t lie: they’ve increased their social media audience by over 1200 viewers in the last year!  The fact that they were mentioned by Scavone in an Asbury Park Press article, “Red Bank businesses: Who’s still standing and why?” only adds to the excitement!

10-28 FBThe reason behind these real viewers is two-fold: The Cheese Cave wants people walking in their doors, and social media marketing businesses should want that, too!  That’s why The Cheese Cave went with Cote Media of Red Bank!  Cote Media is not just looking to grow the LIKE number on your Facebook page, the mission is to grow your business; the same mission of every small business.

Cote Media has a hand in a lot of small businesses in the area as well as farther abroad.  And the marketing team manages to give attention to each client!  There’s a big prize behind doing your research when outsourcing your marketing: one-on-one time!  When you go with the first name that pops up in your Google, it better because of its success story, not the bells and whistles.  You could be roped into a deal that’s all about the wrong numbers.  Try it yourself and you’ll be dedicating too much time to either learning the industry of the millennials, or doing it all wrong!

Look, we don’t have a 20k or even 10k following, but that is less important than who is following; active consumers!  So if it is shoppers and clients that you’re looking for, you found your next step: social media marketing with the right company!