Have an idea or demand for a membership or subscription website? With tools from Shopify, starting and managing a subscription-based website is easier than ever. Subscription websites might be required in multiple scenarios; magazines, clubs, and artists all have demand for such a platform.

Shopify makes it easy to launch such a site and to migrate older content from platforms like WordPress. Have an older blog you'd like to update into a Shopify-subscription site? One-click tools allow you to import all your previously published pages to a new, modern site.

What's the advantage? Shopify has a robust platform that makes it convenient and streamlined to sell multiple different products and subscriptions. On other platforms, products, services, and subscriptions might be all separate applications. In Shopify, your business can both combine different types of offerings as well as track their data in minute detail. Accounting via the Shopify platform is extremely organized and easy to use.

Why does this matter? With a subscription website, it's not difficult to foresee that its authors might eventually want to diversify their offerings. For example, a magazine-type platform might expand to t-shirts, mugs, books, or calendars. With Shopify, these tools are available at a moment's notice. Even if you don't use them from the get-go, there is comfort in knowing that in the future you can add to your website with little to no additional development costs. See our earlier article about adding print-on-demand tools to your Shopify website.

Who might need a subscription or membership website? In reality, anyone can start one. Whether you are an established organization with thousands of members who pay monthly fees to receive your content OR if you are a lone writer with a small following of people who pay to read your monthly stories, Shopify has a solution for you.

Subscriptions can start at any amount, even as low as $1/month. And using Shopify's platform, it's easy to selectively conceal certain content from the public WHILE making other content freely available.

The public is more open than ever to subscription content. Individuals are accustomed to paying monthly fees via ITunes or PayPal for content. Getting subscribers for your new platform is more realistic than you may think.

How does a subscription platform work? Tools such as Charge Rabbit powered by Stripe quickly integrate with your online store, transforming your site into a self-service platform where subscribers can manage their profiles and subscriptions. Depending on your platform, you pay a monthly fee plus transaction fees to use the service.

Are you interested in starting a membership or subscription site? Contact us today! We are Shopify pros who can develop your site and help you grow your subscription base.