01-07 week blog, Myris

Do you ever see technological advancements and, much like high-end fashion, think “I don’t get it”?   Some look like gadgets straight out of a spy film, including iPhone 5’s fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone’s screen.  Unless you’re leading a double life, does this technology apply to a wide market?  One step further, EyeLock has created Myris, an eye scanner that replaces word-typed passwords.  Still, this seems only appropriate for high-security.  Yet, if we aren’t creating a different password for each email account or social network, maybe these devices are fitting for a demographic the inventors never intended: people with terrible memory.

Maybe your mom loves to read and solve puzzles so you got her the KindleFire for Christmas.  She’s excited for the thoughtful gift until the tablet asks for her email username and password.  Assured that she has entered it properly, she is denied access to connect her email to her new device.  “That is my password,” she yells throughout the house!  Maybe this wasn’t the best gift.

It could be the ideal gift if she didn’t need to remember yet another password, or recall the one cap-sensitive password she uses for any account.  See where we’re going with this?  Maybe if your mom had Myris, she would have solved dozens of Sudoku puzzles and be on the final chapter of the final “Hunger Games” book, “Mocking Jay” by now!

Myris connects to your devices on a USB port.  It resembles a mouse with a glowing ring on the underbelly.  Simply hold the glowing ring a few inches in front of your eye to initiate recognition!  Then, choose all your established networks to replace your written password with your Myris account.  The palm size iris scanner is more secure than a fingerprint and even more accurate when you scan both eyes. EyeLock plans to release Myris to the public later this year. No price has been set.

While the EyeLock tutorial video emphasizes that the setup is easy, we’d suggest being there with your mom when she eases her password security.  We did not find any research to support that the Myris would withstand a throw to the wall!

For more on Myris and to reserve yours today, http://www.eyelock.com/index.php/products/myris