What's the first bit of advice you are likely to receive from an e-commerce manager nowadays? Install the Facebook Pixel post haste. 

But Facebook is dead, managers say.

My clientele is only on Instagram.

We only want to advertise on Instagram.

We have Google Analytics. Why do we need that?

Business managers don't immediately understand that Facebook OWNS Instagram and its Pixel is useful for both platforms. Therefore, even if you are stuck on Instagram, the Pixel is applicable for both platforms.

What exactly is the Pixel and why is it a necessity?

The precursor to the Pixel is the Google Tracking Code for Search Engine Console and Analytics. The Google code is also added to a website's header. It allows website managers to analyze a website's traffic in minute detail.

The marvel of the Pixel, a later development, is its ability to create what most marketers consider one of its greatest benefits: the lookalike audience.

With a Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you can track who visits your website and show them ads wherever they hang out on Facebook and/or Instagram. 

BUT you can also allow Facebook to create Lookalikes for these people who have already visited your website. They analyze the social media interests of your existing audience, find patterns and similarities, and then with only the push of a button, start targeting people who are just like your existing audience.

Just how detailed can you get? If you use the Facebook Pixel properly, you can have them create a lookalike audience ONLY for people who have checked out on your site and made a purchase. That type of detailed information is invaluable to targeted marketing. Why waste time advertising to tons of people who may not like your product or service when you can advertise to people who are far more likely to already like your brand?

If you want to drive ecommerce sales, you can't take a spray-and-pay awareness approach. You have to harness your third-party qualified shopper audiences, as well as your localized audience and site data audiences—anything that indicates that this is a niche segment that's going to buy your product. - eMarketer Retail

Even if you are not selling anything with a buy button on your site, the Facebook Pixels applications are useful. Using its features, you can remind anyone who visits your website about your services. 

If you are looking to start employing a more targeted online advertising strategy, contact Cote Media today. We can help design a Facebook Pixel campaign to grow your brand that shows instantaneous benefits.