The ever-evolving social media landscape is keeping Facebook on its toes! The website recently introduced its intention to launch what they’re calling Product Ads for businesses. It’s actually pretty awesome; Facebook is obviously paying attention to marketers’ concerns and their ultimate goals. So what does this mean for YOUR business? We’ll break it down!

It can be safely assumed that many businesses sell more than one type of product, which begs the question: how do we market only ONE specific product and how do we get it to the people who need to see it? Product Ads answer both of those questions. This new feature will allow businesses to advertise multiple products (or even their entire product catalog!) across all devices their customers use. Essentially, businesses are now able to get much more specific with promoting their product.

Additionally, business pages can now create campaigns that promote specific products to specific audiences.  By using Custom Audiences, advertisers can now target the same people who visited their website and looked at specific products. Businesses can also reach people based on their specific interests, locations, or whatever criteria matches with your product. If a product sold especially well on a business’s website, they’ll be able to create an ad on Facebook for that same product so it’ll do even better.  It’s generally customizable so the options are wide open!fbproductads

Product Ads also allow for either single product or multi-product ads to be created. With multi-product ads, you can highlight a number of different products in one single advertisement. The pictures of your products will scroll accordingly on the user’s screen. They don’t even have to be related to each other! Even cooler? When using automatic delivery of product ads, Facebook will turn off an ad if they see your product is out of stock. You’re totally getting even more bang for your buck.

As usual, if the thought of a Facebook ad totally overwhelms you, Cote Media is here to help! Happy Advertising