Facebook has begun tests in a relaunch of their Search Ads feature. Now, certain automotive industry businesses as well as retailers are open to selecting Search as an advertisement option. Facebook has not yet released the date for a more widespread roll-out of the search ad feature.

While the search element of Facebook is ancillary to their primary service, businesses need to understand search benefits and their potential results. According to Hootsuite, “78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy on Facebook. Facebook’s importance as a discovery platform—where users can browse, research, and get inspired—outranks both Instagram and Pinterest, who’ve inspired 59 percent of American consumers each.”

Therefore, the influence of Facebook Search Advertising cannot be overlooked for businesses beginning an advertising campaign in 2019. As business owners begin to evaluate their social media budgets for the upcoming year, this new announcement needs consideration by advertising departments.

While Google gets much of the attention for search traffic, among Americans, Google and Facebook statistics are not dissimilar. 68% of all Americans use Facebook; while an average 75% of Americans use Google. However, Facebook’s social influence over its users is far more significant than Google’s. The Google Plus social platform has had trouble winning over users, and marketing experts have even questioned whether Plus is doomed or even relevant.

Moreover, Facebook’s new search ad feature is being tailored for its Marketplace, a feature that can compete with Amazon. According to CNET.com, Facebook Marketplace is used by 1 in 3 people in the United States. While Amazon Prime boasts 90 million paying subscribers in the United States, Facebook competes with over 100 million active Americans using its Marketplace service for free.

With statistics like this, businesses need to take the Facebook Search advertising platform seriously when budgeting for 2019 and future years. Ready to start advertising in Facebook Search? Contact Cote Media today for a strategy session.