And by “on the way” we mean March 30th:

Brand your Page

Add a unique cover photo and showcase your most important news on your Page timeline.

Highlight what matters

Pin a new post to the top of your Page each week so people notice what’s important.

Manage everything in one place

See and respond to your recent activity and private messages right from the top of your Page.

Why they didn’t just call it “Facebook Timeline for Pages” we have no idea, because that’s exactly what it is. There are no new functionalities, cool or otherwise, and nothing that is going to dramatically help brands market themselves or their products.

Nothing. Trust us. We published our page so you can see it.

And just using the word “pin” isn’t gonna attract Pinterest’s millions of new users either.

Dare we say that Facebook may be in the twilight of its existence? If you don’t like Timeline for you, we find it hard to believe you’ll like Timeline for Pages. Why did Facebook do this?

Who knows. But we will do the best we can with it for our clients, while actively searching out the next thing. Because it’s coming…