“Happy Fourth of July Weekend! … Now come spend lots of money!!” That’s often the sentiment during every Fourth of July season. While most people look forward to a day off in the sun, businesses everywhere spend their time promoting big weekend sales. We think it’s important to scale back the hard selling and simply wish your audience a happy holiday! Trust us, it can go a long way.


According to JigSaw Marketing Solutions, some benefits of sending a holiday wish are keeping you and your business on the minds of current and potential customers and it establishes your credibility and trust. Those two benefits are definitely crucial for success.

If your business is known for its epic Independence Day sale, we’re not saying it’s off-limits! If you have something awesome going on, use the days prior to the holiday to do your promoting! Your audience won’t feel as bombarded when it’s spaced out and they’ll be more likely to tune into what you’re saying. Keep it fun, keep it simple. When the big holiday comes around, utilize your daily post to wish your audience a happy and safe holiday. Again, fun and simple.

So …how do you say “Happy Fourth of July” without sounding boring and mundane? It’s not too complicated. Big, beautiful pictures of American Flags and fireworks are always appealing. If your audience enjoys history, include a little tidbit about Independence Day. Use a really awesome, patriotic quote. Post a delicious red, white, and blue recipe. DIY party decorations are always great (Pinterest is a fantastic tool for this). The list goes on! Give them something  light and heartfelt and it’ll be a hit.


This concept obviously extends beyond Fourth of July and can be applied to pretty much any holiday throughout the year. Yes…even Arbor Day. There’s at least ONE person out there who would appreciate that shout out! When it comes to holidays, nothing is off limits. It allows your audience to take a break from the selling and the promos and realize that you’re human – just like them – and holidays are just as important to you! It not only creates a sense of humility but it allows for a deeper, more personal connection with your audience…and that’s really the ultimate goal.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Cote Media! Enjoy!