Several analytics plugins are available for monitoring your website traffic and improving your users' experiences. The core analytics tools are Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. 

Both platforms offer similar statistics and details about your users. The goal of both is to help you understand how users are reaching your site, who these users are, how they engage with your site, and how you can improve your site to meet their needs and yours as a business owner.

Several third-party programs are also available that offer to analyze the data and provide solutions. A chief complaint about both Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics is the data is very much raw and you must be able to interpret it yourself. In order to use this data, you must then know and understand approaches to each data point.

For example, the bounce rate is one statistic that both Facebook Pixel and Googe Analytics provide. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

While the analytics programs may tell you what your site's bounce rate is, it's up to you to find a solution if your bounce rate is poor and your visitors are jumping ship quickly. 

Other programs differentiate themselves by providing this data AND tips readily customized to your system without requiring you to interpret any data whatsoever.

So if these programs analyze data and provide you with tips, why not just use them instead of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are entirely free plus their data links directly into the programs you need to advertise to new and existing audiences. For example, using Facebook Pixel's data you can create custom audiences who can receive your ads.

Google Analytics is also linked to the Search Engine Console as well as Google Advertising. The Search Engine Console indexes your site within Google and helps improve your search engine rankings.

Ultimately, while there may be third-party apps that can interpret your website's data, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are requirements on every site. 

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