Google+ is still growing…

No, you’re not having flashbacks. We did mention this pretty recently. But we’re bringing it up again because ten million users in less than two weeks is impressive by any standards.

More impressive is that the figure is now over 20 million.

Twenty million people, in less than a month. In beta. By invitation only.

According to comScore, G+ has seen around 20 million unique visits in the last three weeks. That’s 82% more than the previous week, and 561% more than the week before that! For US viewers, that’s an increase of 81% and 723% respectively!

What did we tell ya? Impressive.
But how does that compare to the standards set by other social media platforms? WebProNews reports today that “Google+ is absolutely lapping Twitter and Facebook in terms of reaching certain milestones.”

According to the graph created by Leon Håland, G+ reached 10 million users in just 16 days… a feat that took both Facebook and Twitter over two years to accomplish.

In an updated graph, Håland charted the time it took each platform to reach 20 million users. It took Google+ just 24 days, compared to 1,035 days for Twitter and 1,152 days for Facebook.

And while WPN points out that Facebook had an initial period of exclusivity that should be kept in mind, we’d like to remind you that G+ has remained in beta, and is still by invitation only — it’s still in a period of exclusivity, in other words.

So how fast is G+ growing?

We compared it to the Scottish rebel forces when they meet the Irish at Falkirk. But we found another comparison we like…