Instagram is a powerful tool for growing your business and social media following. Its engagement metrics — liking, sharing, subscribing, or purchasing — consistently outperform Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Instagram Engagement Statistics Considerably Dwarf Competition

● 10x higher than Facebook
● 54x higher than Pinterest
● 84x higher than Twitter

But it’s not just these engagement numbers that are striking. Qualitative research reports that Instagram engenders far more loving responses and emotions than other social media platforms. Brands are discovering that Instagram fosters a much more positive and “loving” social sentiment among online audiences.

A recent study from NetBase ranked Instagram as the most loved brand in the world. Their research for ranking Instagram measured 361 million posts in the English language in 200 countries. Using love and a list of synonyms — including adore, exceptional, fabulous, longing for, luv, revolutionary, and world class — NetBase learned that Instagram was the most loved brand worldwide.

Brands capitalizing on this social sentiment report that the love carries over to their posts as well; it’s not just restricted to the Instagram brand itself. Brands are using Instagram to create loyal followers and advocates. The platform is quickly becoming the secret weapon in most brand’s marketing strategy.

Here’s how your brand can also harness Instagram to engender love among your audience:

  1. Understand the Instagram algorithm
    The number of views and people who engage with every post influences where and if your post appears in the newsfeed. So brands must use all of Instagram’s tools to motivate their audience to engage with posts.
  2. Use Quality Photos and Videos
    Instagram users will scroll past your post if the quality of your posts — photos and videos — appears inferior to your competitors. If your competitors are posting better quality, higher resolution and visually striking media, than they will outperform you on the Instagram feed.
  3. Use Hashtags Strategically
    Your brand must do hashtag intelligence to see what your competitors are using to promote their brand. After performing this research and combining it with traditional keyword research, your organization should create a list of their own hashtags.
  4. Engage With Your Community
    Comment, like, and engage with your audience whenever possible. Engagement promotes a more loyal culture and keeps your audience motivated.
  5. Explore Lifestyle and Culture
    Don’t limit your posts to product or sales. Consider the lifestyle and culture your audience follows. Perform customer intelligence and see what type of culture your audience is interested in. Share posts that appeal to this culture.
  6. Explore Related and Expansive Fields
    Delve into topics related to your field. For example, do you run a restaurant? Explore topics related to your produce or other suppliers. Look into the sources of your coffee or other products.
  7. Vary Content with Contests and Other Promotions
    Opportunities abound on Instagram to run contests, scavenger hunts, and surveys. Posts like these encourage followers to share their content on their own feeds. These types of promotions are also fun and different than typical passive social media posts.
  8. Cultivate an Influencer Base
    Look for your brand advocates among those who consistently engage with your brand. Think of strategies to encourage recruit them as influencers. Do they have a large social media following? Their posts can build your audience and engagement.
  9. Let Your Customers Tell Their Own Stories
    Listen to your customers and encourage them to share their own stories about their relationship with your brand. Don’t grow deaf to how your brand relates to your customers and figures in their lives.
  10. Use Geotagging
    Locate your business within the community and use geotagging to appear in the location feed. Like and follow regular Instagram users in your community.

Start Leveraging Instagram Today

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