Last week, we hosted a Google Partners live stream focusing on Google Adwords. As a Google Partner, we’re in the market of promoting small businesses via Google Adwords, the search engine’s advertising platform. A lot of time and energy goes into finding your potential clients, but that’s what we’re here for! So what are we doing behind our computers?  We promise we’re wearing pants.

“Google” has become a verb.  We google history, we google trending topics, and we google the next big thing. In the time it has taken you to read this sentence, there have been over 250,000 Google searches performed. ( Someone just searched for your services, but they didn’t find you on page one of their results, as an ad or as an organic result! (What’s the difference? That’s for another blog!) Are you even in their results?

If your Google Partner is on top of your Google Adwords, you are! Here’s is what we work with: what you are promoting, keywords associated with your business, where you want to reach people, and the peak time to reach that audience. We create advertisements (maximum 95 characters) for your business. Yes, more than one ad! Science 101 tells us that every experiment needs something to compare your results to, or a constant.

feb blog pic 2

So here is your experiment: You want to find customers to buy your winter shovels.

*Ads appear at the top of the results list or to the right module.

After one month of advertising, we review the activity of each advertisement.  If the advertisement focused on price worked better than the one about features, we’ll mold a new advertisement based on that information. Another month, another review, another adjustment.

That’s just one small part of using Google Adwords to find your customers. It might sound simple, but we only make it look easy because we’re experts.  You’re an expert at your own business. Don’t lose that title by trying to take on a whole other arm of marketing! Let us do our thing and we’ll make sure you succeed in yours!

We also mentioned keywords associated with your business, where you want to reach people, and the peak time to reach that audience.  Those deserve their own blogs! If you’d like to get a jump start on that education, call us!