No disrespect intended towards eggheads,

Several elite business schools in the U.S. and abroad have added courses relating to social media over the past year, and the move couldn’t come fast enough. As an editorial writer in the Financial Times  puts it, business schools that don’t recognize the ubiquity of new technology risk lagging behind not only the students they aim to teach but also the recruiters who come to these schools in search of M.B.A.s.

M.B.A. classes on new media marketing? If nothing else it should make the point that the future of business advertising and marketing is pretty clear.

Now, we’re not Rhoades Scholars here but we ain’t dummies either and we feel pretty confident that effective new media marketing isn’t a topic best suited for textbook learning, at least at this point in the game. No doubt the study of ‘marketing’ is one where a discipline has evolved over time sufficiently enough so as to justify a class or two at the collegiate level and maybe even a major. But an MBA?


It’s not that we’re knocking the study of new media marketing per se, it’s just that it’s difficult to see how sitting in the classroom learning about NMM can somehow translate effectively into doing it; take a look around Facebook sometime and marvel at the thousands of companies whose page is nothing more than litter at this point. An M.B.A. in ‘social media’ might someday be an appropriate candidate for an advanced degree, but in the here and now companies would be better served by hiring a company who has been cutting their teeth on the sawgrass of the internet.

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