Looking for a new way to get leads for your email marketing campaigns? Don’t get discouraged by pricey websites with costly subscription fees that promise overnight success. Facebook has an effective (and often underused) solution hidden within ALL business pages that can help you grow your email lists quickly and affordably: Facebook Lead Ads.

Sure, I’m using Facebook Ads, you might say. But you might not be using Facebook Lead Ads. It’s a type of ad program linked to your Forms Library status within your Facebook Business Page. It’s easy to check if you’re using Lead Ads. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page Manager
  2. Click on “Publishing Tools” at the Top of the Page
  3. Click on “Forms Library” on the left panel
  4. Do you see Forms? If not, you and your marketing team have not enabled Lead Ads yet for your business.

If you have not started on Lead Ads, it’s time to start using them.

The savvy marketers at Facebook engineered Leads with a lot of cool features to engage your users and drive new business traffic. Harness these techniques and you might be adding 20-40 (or way more depending on the quality of your ad) new leads to your database for every $10 spent; only a fraction of the cost of list buying. And, even better, these leads have opted-in, so no need to worry about freezes on your email marketing platform.

The pre-social techniques of “cold-call” marketing have long had a reputation for being the bane of the salesperson’s existence. Making cold phone calls to skeptical, unfamiliar businesses takes a pep talk for most newer marketers. Most people inherently hate contacting new people and assume the worst. Most managers are tasked with breaking in newer employees with strategies akin to “The Horse Whisperer.”

Facebook Leads takes all of that stress out of lead generation. It’s an automated warm, unobtrusive greeting to a potential new customer that they can choose to scroll past; No hang-ups on phone calls and no feelings hurt. Plus, if designed strategically, Facebook Leads resembles motivational interviewing techniques more than actual advertising. With Facebook leads, you don’t just collect emails, you can motivate your customers to become actively engaged with your brand or service.

However, with all Facebook Leads offers in terms of data collection, simpler might be better. In fact, studies show that the simpler your form (email address and first name) the more likely your audience is to submit your form. 

How effective are lead ads? Some of the statistics are pretty convincing. One case study on Facebook reports the business Amazing Lash Studio saw a 35% increase in sales; 10% decrease in cost per lead; and a 4.8x return in ad spend. (Read the Case Study.)

But why use Facebook Lead ads to generate sales? Isn’t it like adding an extra step or middleman to your conversion? Why not just post an ad that links directly to a purchase and encourage people to click? There are a lot of reasons. Here are only a few:

So why are people not using Facebook Lead Ads for their business? It’s possible they don’t know it exists. Or, if they know about it, it might be too complicated for them to setup without an agency or pro to help them. So they default to easier Facebook ads that don’t require too much set up. However, they are missing out on an effective tool that can catapult their marketing success.

If you are interested in setting up Facebook Lead Ads for your business, contact us today. We can lead you down the path of greater success with Facebook Lead ads!