Are you advertising on Google? If not, you may be surprised by the results you get from Google Advertising. Google Ads promote incredible visibility for your business or brand. You can also be very specific with who sees your ads. Google Keywords can also help you predict the audience for your ads. Even if you don't want to run ads, Google Keywords can provide incredible insights for the traction of your business concept.

If you have never tried Google Keywords for your business, trying it out to see the potential audience is recommended. You might be surprised at the detailed statistics you can see about your targeted audience. You might also be surprised that the keywords you may think will garner the most attention for your business aren't those you expect.

How do you access Google Keywords?

Using your gmail email address, start a Google Ads Account here:

A Google Ads Account is free and you will only be charged if you decide to run ads. Don't be worried about accidentally running ads. The ads platform is pretty complicated with multiple layers of campaigns and ad groups. Accidentally running an ad is actually pretty difficult! 

What's the path to the Keyword Planner?

From the main Ads dashboard, select Tools. You can see in the below image it is the wrench in the top grey panel.

This will open the tools menu, as seen below. You can then select Google Keywords from the Tools options. Under Planning, it's the first and only selection, Keyword Planner.

What options are available in the Keyword Planner?

The Keyword Planner offers two options. The option to generate specific keywords or the option to get more specific statistics on various keyword strategies. See the screenshot below for these options.

How do you find new Keywords?

After you select "Find New Keywords," you will be redirected to the keyword form. You can add multiple keywords that you are interested in for your business. However, it's probably best to only add one keyword to start so you can get specifics. You can always add more later.

What type of keyword information can you receive?

After you select your keyword or words, Google will generate details about your keyword. You can learn approximately how many people per month search for your keywords and also the average bid that other businesses pay to use that keyword in their ads.

For example, in the below screenshot, I searched for "Yoga." Google generated all the related terms for this keyword. You can then select the keywords you choose for your business and import them easily into an ad group for your business. 

Need help?

Interested in creating a Google Ads campaign or learning more about keywords? Call Cote Media today! We can develop a keyword strategy to generate more leads for your business!