Look at the night sky… gaze into the heavens… and think about social media.

C’mon. Just… humor us.


Which astrological signs are the most engaging on social media? How should you vary content relative to the position of the planets? What effect do the stars have on ROI?

We have no idea.

Seriously. Not a clue. We were thinking about this guy.

You’re probably wondering – What the hell does Carl Sagan have to do with social media?

Nothing. And yet, scanning back through September’s news stories last night, our eyes were drawn – again and again – out the window and into the cosmos. And we kept hearing this: (Go ahead… watch it. We’ll wait.)

Now, September was quite a month for milestones… or maybe it’s just a cosmic coincidence that they hit the press around the same time. Either way, when you summarize them all together, it strikes us that Mr. Sagan could have done the narration.

350 million mobile Facebook users. 100 million users on Twitter. One billion check-ins on Foursquare. 800 million Facebook users. 53 million minutes on Facebook, in a month. Over 1 billion tweets per week. 50 million Google+ users. 140 million monthly Facebook visitors. 5 billion tweets a month. Google+ growing by 2 million per day.

Millions and billions. Billions and millions.

Nah… It’ll be a good thing.Social media may not be in the stars… or maybe it is. We’re nerds, not astrologers.

But it strikes us that social media is very like the stars… Constellations of friends and acquaintances within galaxies of networkers within a universe of people and information.

Or something like that.

Millions and billions. Billions and millions. And expanding like the universe itself.

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.
Carl Sagan

Or if not love… at least engagement.

Just sayin’.