With the rapid growth of New Media Marketing, we’re noticing a wealth of articles and information available at the click of the “search” button… The problem for businesses is, the information can be – if not confusing – downright contradictory.

For example, we read a scathing article at Business Insider titled “Why I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert”. The writer is trying to make the point that you don’t need a social media expert, because he can do it on his own… and you can, too.

“Being an expert in social media is like being an expert at taking the bread out of the refrigerator. You might be the best bread-taker-outer in the world, but you know what? The goal is to make an amazing sandwich, and you can’t do that if all you’ve done in your life is taken the bread out of the fridge.”

We don’t claim to be “experts”. In a medium that’s changing and evolving as rapidly as social media, who is?

(Though we do know enough to realize that if you keep your bread in the fridge, it gets too dry to make a decent sandwich… So take that particular comparison with a grain of salt. Or some mayo.)

But we mentioned confusion and contradiction in our search results. Other than the lousy sandwich, where’s the contradiction?

The same website that ran “Why I Will Never Hire a Social Media Expert” followed it up with “Why Some Social Media Experts Are Good”.

It’s the rebuttal that wasn’t. While the writer disagrees about where new media marketing falls within the realms of marketing, customer service, and PR, he does not disagree with the notion that a small business can run their own social media program without outside help.

“Yes, you can, at a small organization. Our company is now 100+ and I can still handle most of it (though I do have 2 people helping part time).”

That’s all well and good for the writer – who happens to be a marketer, business blogger, and is already media savvy. What about everybody else?

Look, we’ve told you before… This ain’t rocket science. Of course the average small business could do this on their own. IF!

IF you have a strong grasp of social media, or the time to invest in learning as much as possible about a constantly changing venue. And IF you have the resources to devote personnel to monitor and update your social media presence in real time. And IF you can accomplish this without taking away time and energy from the business you’re trying to promote in the first place.

So, no… it’s not rocket science. Or brain surgery, for that matter. But it is specialized knowledge and effort.

Think about more traditional advertising. Do you handle print media on your own? Envision the ads… do the layout work… create the art… proof the drafts… position the final product among the column inches?

No. Because that’s specialized knowledge that likely doesn’t pertain directly to your business. Sure you could learn it and do it yourself… but it’s a better use of your resources to stick to the business of your business and let the folks whose business is print advertising do their job.

Well, new media marketing is our job.

While we’d never claim you can’t learn social media and how to optimize it for your business on your own, we do quite proudly claim to already possess the knowledge you need to use new media effectively. And through a consultation, we can learn your business goals and custom-tailor a program that combines our knowledge with yours to develop the best program for your success in this new world of marketing and customer relations.

Call us or email today, to see how we can work with you. (No degree in rocket science necessary.)