There’s taking part in a charitable contribution that is making waves on social media, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, and then there’s doing it right!  We’ve seen plenty of examples of participants dumping ice water on their head (and some failing at it). There have also been some grand donations!  Then there are those who do not accept the challenge, but make a different contribution.

Gauri Joshi in California, for example, is a recent graduate of University of Southern California with her Masters degree in Public Health. She was nominated by a college friend. There’s a drought in CA so you can actually be fined for wasting water! So rather than pour ice water on her head, Gauri politely declined and made a small donation to the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, Association . In her Facebook explanation of this, she also pointed out an organization that she feels needs some light.  She made a second donation to Water is Life and encouraged others to check it out.

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Sam Stanton lives in Philadelphia, and while growing up, her family owned a Water Ice business. In her spare time, she now goes to different water ice shops in and around Philly and reviews them on a blog. She was nominated for the ice bucket challenge, but the girl who critiques ice wasn’t about to dump it. Instead, she made it a point to do some research on the ALS organization as a whole, which is rated highly, and then the chapters, which are not so highly rated when it comes to funding.  Her point was to see where your money goes, how it’s being used, and if a monetary donation is the most effective way you can contribute to a chapter of a larger organization or a local charity.  She did make a small donation to ALS, but she also put the spotlight on a non-profit group she helps out, Mighty Writers of Philadelphia.  She “challenged” anyone who read her full status to make a contribution to a local charity that means something to them!

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still making its way around the world which means people are being encouraged to research Lou Gehrig’s disease and their local ALS chapter.  Cote Media took the Ice Bucket Challenge, both dumping ice water on our boss’ head and donating the NYC ALS chapter.  At the same time, we donated to Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation, a worthy cause that we’re proud to support throughout the year.

Whether you’re nominated for the “challenge” or not, take a moment to discover the non-profit groups around you!  When you find something that speaks to your views, get active!  We’re not talking about an annual monetary donation, but we’re not necessarily thinking buckets of ice, either!  By working closely with the organization, you can spread the word throughout the year with full knowledge about what it is you’re advocating! Your excitement can fuel others, and then maybe next year we’ll see your non-profit group trending on Facebook in a different way!

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