More. On. Moms.  

(No… not “moron moms”. We don’t have a death wish.)

Click image to view full-sized.An interesting piece from eMarketer yesterday about marketing to mobile moms.

Moms are more likely than the general population to own a smartphone, according to research from BabyCenter…

Why does that sound familiar?

Oh, hey! It’s because we told you about that study waaay back in September! 

Click image to view full-sized.And while initially smartphones were more the province of the young, that has begun to shift, according to mobile ad network Greystripe.


They’re looking at the ages of mobile moms… but we already told you back in July that moms in general are the fastest-growing smartphone demographic. (And remember, there may be fewer young mobile moms… but they have higher expectations – as we also mentioned back in September.)

Come to think of it, is there anything in this article we didn’t already share with you, months ago?

Heh. Yeah. A coupla new graphs.

Enjoy ’em.

Now we gotta get back to being ahead of the pack.