While the theory may not have worked out all that well for Gabriel Byrne and Kim Basinger in “Cool World”, syncing your classic marketing with your new media marketing is an increasingly important tool in your arsenal. We preach the fact that “old” media is in a steep and steady decline and yet we would be remiss not to recognize that a substantial percentage of people still get their news and views from television, radio and print media.

Because the trend toward a more online-centric marketing platform will continue into the forseeable future, however, why not help your present customers along in that process by making the transition as seamless as possible?

Brafton News recently reported on the 2011 Social Media Matters released by BlogHer:

BlogHer’s 2011 Social Media Matters  report reveals that social media and blog marketing are increasingly important in influencing purchase decisions – especially among women.

The report found that both blog readership and social media use are rising in the United States. This year, 87 percent of online Americans surveyed said they use Facebook (up from 80 percent in 2010). This almost matches the number of consumers who watch offline television (93 percent).

Additionally, more than half of internet-using consumers (55 percent) read online news – supporting suggestions at the recent ad:tech SF conference that custom news marketing’s moment is here. BlogHer also found that 40 percent of online Americans read blogs (up from 37 percent in 2010) and 22 percent use Twitter (up from 16 percent last year).

When asked about the impact blogs have on their online shopping, 53 percent of respondents (88 percent of active blog readers) indicated that they trust the information in blogs they visit regularly. Nearly one-quarter of the U.S. population (24 percent) said they make purchases based on blogs – that’s 53 percent of active blog readers.

The bottom line is that you know your business better than anyone else so why wouldn’t you want to educate consumers? It is our contention here at Cote, LLC that an educated consumer is a better consumer and one who is more inclined to practice brand loyalty once they’ve fixed on a product they find useful and affordable.

Cote, LLC has partnered with BPI Brand Marketing, Inc. for just this reason. BPI has been in the classic brand marketing industry for over 20 years and is fluent in sales representation, branding, packaging and on-site club roadshows. Together, we will dramatically increase the visibility of your company and your product by integrating your existing classic marketing strategy with a customized new media project. Give your customers as many ways to find your business as possible.

We’ll show you how.