Football is a great American sport that brings people together while pitting them against each other all in good fun!  We know that the Nation Football League is also a business, one with sponsors and one that sponsors other businesses.

The best commercial breaks are the ones where our favorite (and not so favorite) athletes step off the field and talk to us, “this is what I support, and you should, too!”  Those are the ones that grab our attention the most, mainly because athletes are NOT actors!  But that’s not such a bad thing!

These are our favorite athlete endorsed commercials that we find both charming and hilarious!



Snickers knows that “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” Usually their commercials consist of one hungry person turning into a celebrity.  This time, Johnny Manziel goes from the weight lifting gym to the jazzercise class!  We’d take a class with JamBoogie!


state farm

State Farm brings back Hanz & Franz (Saturday Night Live circa 1987) to pump you up! Or actually, to pump up Aaron Rodgers. The “trainers” help Rodgers “double check” his workout and get higeicom into a online slots new suit of armor! With the recent return of SNL, State Farm chose their cast wisely!




Ickey Woods returns to NFL during the commercial breaks! The Bengals star performs the “Ickey Shuffle” at a deli counter, entertaining the women around him and us, in this season’s Geico commercial. It makes sense for insurance companies to choose a throwback since those familiar with the celebrity in the spotlight would now be in their 40’s or 50’s: prime insurance buying time!

 marshawn lynch

When it comes to fantasy football, we want our team to work for us! The new Xbox One commercial plays on the way we wish we could create our weekly lineup: a one-on-one interview with the athletes themselves!  Our number 4 pick includes cameos from Drew Brees, LeSean McCoy,  Demaryius Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, and Jimmy Graham

 drew brees


Verizon has more than one great commercial out there this season. It was a tough pick. We melt when JJ Watt busts moves at the middle school dance. We went with this one, though, because the more the merrier! Yes, we’re aware that Drew Brees made this list twice., but can you blame us?!  – Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, and JJ Watt


Of course, these aren’t the only athlete endorsed commercials out there right now. Tell us which ones are on your top 5 list! Maybe one of Peyton Manning’s many ads?!