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About You




Birthplace / Hometown:

High School


Degree(s) / Major(s)

Current Place of Residence:

Family (as many or as few as you’d like to list, names/ages)


Astrological Sign:

Attributes of your sign you agree/disagree with (if applicable)

Things you like/love about yourself:

Things you dislike about yourself:

Accomplishments you’re proud of:

Mistakes you’re not proud of (but perhaps from which you learned a lesson):

Anything else about you that we missed that people should know about? :

Your Favorites

A little bit / short statement / anecdote, about “why” you answer the way you do on any of the following, while not mandatory, is helpful. You can list as many as are applicable for each question. “None” is also an acceptable answer.

Favorite Book(s)

Favorite Author(s)

Favorite Movie(s)

Favorite Director(s)

Favorite Actor(s)

Favorite Music / Bands

Favorite Songs

Favorite Poems (Poetics)

Favorite Historical Figure(s) (We don’t separate living or dead here, but you may, and the list can include both. Again, a short statement on “why” is helpful but not mandatory)

Favorite Fashion (include designers, trends, eras, styles, categories, etc.)

Favorite Place(s) (These can be anywhere. Countries, cities, states, landmarks, regions, buildings, streets, etc. List as many as you like)

Favorite season(s)

Favorite Holiday(s)

Favorite Food(s) (to eat and/or make)

Favorite sport(s) / activities (These can be anything. Professional, collegiate, high school, outdoor/indoor, amateur, individual / team, hobbies, pastimes, etc. List as many as you like)

Favorite team(s)

Favorite Quote(s)

Favorite Animal(s) (Domesticated and/or wild)

Any other favorite things not listed above?

Your Fears

This is only one, open-ended question for a reason, insofar as we believe expressing your fears and apprehensions through social media aid greatly in exhibiting relatability and credibility, we also understand that answering the question can be challenging or even uncomfortable. Do the best you can.

What are you afraid of? (The answer can literally be anything. From the tangible (spiders, heights) to the metaphysical (why am I here?) to the philosophical (afraid of failure).

Your Purpose

What is your purpose on social media? (Purpose is the reason why you exist, why you do what you do.)

What is your objective? (Objective is what you need to do to achieve your goals.)

What do you hope to achieve using social media?

How will you know you’ve achieved it?

What’s the biggest barrier to your success on social media?

How does social media fit into your overall growth plan?

Your Audience

Describe who you think your target audience is. (Use as many demographic descriptors / adjectives as you can. This includes a/s/l, interests, education, family structure, occupation(s), etc.)

What social platforms do they use?

What issues matter to them? List as many as you believe.

What problems do your ideal audience members face?

How can you help solve those problems?

How do you engage with them now?

What social listening have you done?

What does your audience say about you?

Who else (brands/celebrities/people) does your audience engage with?

Any other thoughts, ideas, hunches about who your audience is that you’d like us to know?

Your Brand

Describe your “voice” (both spoken and/or written) with as many adjectives as you feel are necessary.

What “tone” should your social media updates have? (use as many adjectives as you feel necessary to describe your tone)

What is the main message your brand is trying to communicate? (Without ranking, you can include as many “main messages” as you’d like)

What makes you different from others? What are your differentiators?

Why do people choose you over your competitors?

What is your vision?

Your Competition / Inspiration

(We look at people who could be described as “competition” both traditionally as competitors in the marketplace, but also as potential inspiration in the sense that they may be doing something well that you admire and would like to imitate, replicate, improve on, etc. So while we ask for both in this section, keep in mind that both can be either.)

Who would you consider competition in the space you’d like to occupy on and off social media? (These can be individual people, brands, companies, etc.)

Who would you consider inspiring in the space you’d like to occupy on and off social media?

Who do you consider inspiring in any other space? (These are people in industries/professions etc. who inspire you but are not in your field)

What things do either the competition or inspiration listed above do well on social media?

What things do either the competition or inspiration listed above do well outside of social media?

What things do you do well that you feel are better/more effective than either the competition or the inspiration listed above? (This is similar to your general differentiators, but more relative to the specific people/brands listed above.)

Your Content

(Many of these questions will be answered by Cote Media, but to whatever extent you’d like to input, please do!)

What resources do you have available for content creation? (If just an iPhone, say iPhone!)

What is your workflow process for content from inception to publication?

What sign-offs do you require?

How often do you want to publish new content to your profiles?

How does social media tie in with your offline campaigns?

What type of content does your audience respond to best (if known, but even if not “known,” to what do you think they respond best?)

What type of content do you want to create for your audience (images, video, quotes, blog posts, etc.)?

What message(s) are you trying to send with your content?

How do you use user-generated content in your campaigns? (i.e. content created by other people)

What holidays do you want to observe?

Your Expectations

What do you expect from us as your account manager / digital media marketing and advertising agency?

What reports do you want to see and how often?

How much oversight and control do you want to have?

How much input do you want to have into campaigns?