We love to be right… and we especially love when new data backs up what we”ve been telling you all along.

Namely, your customers are on social media. And they”re talking about brands, whether those brands have joined the conversation or not.

A recent survey by e-Rewards found that an amazing 22% of people asked have knowingly posted about a brand on social media.

Twenty-two percent. That”s huge. Nearly a quarter of the people who responded have intentionally mentioned a business (for good or bad) to their fans and followers. And bear in mind, that figure represents intentional postings, and does not include chance mentions of brand that happen naturally during social media conversations.

Who”s doing all that posting? According to e-Rewards… EVERYONE.


It’s not just men, it’s not just educated people, it’s not just people with kids, it’s not just employed people. The only demographic that オンライン カジノ skews a bit away from average are older folks, but even a good percentage of them share their voices online.

That alone should get your attention. Now, consider this:

comScore found that more people are spending more time on social media than ever.

Back in 2007, social networking represented about 1 out of every 12 minutes spent online, while today it accounts for 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online.

So in a few short years, we”ve doubled the time we”re spending on social media. But it”s not that the same folks are investing more time. The two most popular sites, Facebook and Twitter, are drawing more traffic than ever before.


Today Facebook is the 4th largest U.S. web property in audience size with 157.2 million visitors in May, representing its all-time high and a gain of 3.2 million visitors vs. the previous month. While other reports have been circulating that Facebook witnessed a pronounced user decline this month, comScore data shows quite a different story…

Twitter.com also had a particularly strong month in May with 27 million U.S. visitors, representing an increase of 13 percent in the past year. (Note: while much of Twitter’s usage occurs away from the Twitter.com site, past comScore research has indicated that approximately 85-90% of Twitter users visit the website each month).

So back to what we”ve been saying all along…

You need to be a part of social media because your customers are there. More and more of them, spending more and more time. And whether you”re engaged or not, they are. And they”re talking about brands.

Are they talking about yours? Probably.

If you”re ready to join the conversation, give us a call.