There is an old adage in customer service that the easier you can make a transaction with a customer, the more likely they are to follow through and complete the goal. For example, by eliminating as many steps as possible for a customer, you are increasing the likelihood that they will not grow distracted or frustrated with the process of engaging with your brand.

Lately, the one-click purchase has streamlined this to its ultimate essence. Nowadays, customers need only tap one button to set in motion an entire purchase and shipping; Amazon Prime is leading the pack with this simplification of shopping.

Along the sales pipeline, multiple opportunities exist within Facebook Messenger for similar simplifications. A variety of enhancements are available to businesses within Facebook that allow for greater efficiency as well as increased likelihood a customer will make a purchase.

Business owners worry these enhancements might be considered obtrusive by their customers. On the contrary, many customers are accustomed to such outreach by their favorite brands and consider these messages of great value to them.

What is available through the Facebook Messenger and how can these enhancements be engaged?

Facebook Messenger customizations and utilizations are available from developers like Cote Media who are experts with the Facebook Business API. Simpler strategies are also available by engineering Facebook ads that utilize “offers” and other methods that connect with the Messenger application.

For example, Cote Media can send a sponsored message to any one who has an open conversation with your Facebook Business Page. This means that anyone who has messaged you on Facebook can be conveniently messaged with a special discount or invitation. This type of messaging is called “Sponsored Messaging.”

Sponsored messaging is a type of ad that sends a message directly to all conversations currently open with your bot or to a custom list of PSIDs that currently have open conversations with your bot. Sponsored Messages appear like normal messages in the conversation but are marked ‘Sponsored’.

Now in its Beta Testing Mode, businesses can apply now to begin sending subscription messages to their followers. Just like MailChimp or Constant Contact might be utilized to send messages to customers, now Facebook Messenger will soon have similar abilities.

Subscription Messaging (beta)

Subscription messaging allows your Page to send recurring messages for specific use cases that are not subject to the 24-hour standard messaging window.

A Page admin must apply for page-level permission to send subscription messages. If your Page has subscription messaging permission, users automatically opt-in to receive subscription messages when they start a conversation; however, it is highly recommended that your bot ask permission to send subscription messages to ensure a positive user experience.

Another strategy for using Facebook Messenger to conveniently communicate with your customers is a little bit more indirect. Some advertisers are unaware that by creating an ad in “Offer” mode, you can select to have anyone who accept the offer automatically receive Messenger reminders that their offer is valid.

Offer Advertising

Offer Ads help advertise discounts and promotions with consumers. You can claim, save and redeem your offers, and if not, we can send a notification to remind you before it expires.

These are just a few of the opportunities available to businesses via Facebook Messenger. If you’re looking for a Facebook Messenger strategy for your business, contact Cote Media today. No one has more experience with social media advertising than us.