To the casual observer, the city of Red Bank looks no different from any other town in America; it’s got small businesses, restaurants, theaters, and banks. Indeed, it looks totally normal on the outside. But what if we told you that underneath that superficial facade of welcoming aesthetics lied a more sinister force? That’s right–spooky ghosts are abound in Red Bank.

Tabitha, a woman who quickly became fascinated by ghost tours in other charming and historic cities such as New Hope, has since brought ghost tours to cities across Monmouth County. Combining both business savvy and historical research, she began her quest into the paranormal by offering ghost tours in Keyport, New Jersey. After the Keyport tours grew in popularity and became almost “cult-like,” she wanted to identify other spooky corners in Monmouth County. Upon reading a book entitled “Murders in Monmouth”, the idea of Red Bank ghost tours was brought to life.

tabatha ghost tour

Tabitha From Jersey Shore Ghost Tours

Inspired by colonial times and looking to imbibe the mood of the time, lanterns are given out during the ghost tours. The tour is quite popular and just celebrated its 8th anniversary last Fall. The tour itself starts at the Dublin House on Monmouth Street, noted haunted spot, and ends at the Dublin House.

The Dublin House is Haunted, you say?

dublin haunted

Okay, so maybe the Dublin House isn’t exactly a hotbed of murderous ghoul rage that you might find depicted in Found Footage films. The spirit there is more of a old pal then an angry and terrifying presence.

“Every morning when I walk into the room, I say, ‘Mornin’, Mrs. Patterson. Nice day, isn’t it?’”  said Sean Dunne, co-owner of the Dublin House.“Her spirit haunts the house. And I don’t mean Jameson, or those kind of spirits.”

Sean Dunne and Eugene Devlin, two natives of Ireland who bought the structure back in 2004, explain how Lady Patterson didn’t quite care for the renovations that were made.

“They didn’t like when we were doing the renovations here,” Dunne said, explaining that the house, which goes back at least 200 years, was moved over the Navesink River and into downtown Red Bank about 120 years ago. Later, the house was moved to its present site at 30 Monmouth St.

Both Dunne and Devlin claim that the lingering ghost of Lady Patterson is more of an puckish and mischievous spirit than malicious. For example, knocking down bottles and turning on lights and the radio in her room. However, that claim may not be entirely true when you considered the construction workers that sustain injuries during the renovations. For example, Dunne said a wall collapsed on a worker while excavating the basement and that  his thumb broke by a house jack that gave way. Also, another worker fell down the steps and broke his ankle.

For more information on when the tours start and how to purchase tickets, visit the Jersey Shore Ghost Tours Facbeook page…at your own peril.