Now that we have your attention… 

We’ve written about numerous surveys and studies, shared multiple charts and graphs, and generally made a sincere effort to show you that social media is a necessity.

The number of networks and users continues to grow. The percentage of businesses involved continues to rise. And with advancements in mobile technology, we’re simply becoming a more connected world.

Well, if we haven’t convinced you yet, allow us to present the ultimate argument. Ahem…

Survey: Aussies stop during sex to use social media

In fact, 2.8% of them are willing to be interrupted during an “intimate moment”  (with 64% of those folks being men).

Now before you go making harsh judgements about our friends down under, they’re actually not as bad about it as we are. (And here we thought Americans always had sex on the brain…)

An earlier study found 7% of Americans surveyed are willing to interrupt sex for social media – 11% of those under 25, and 6% of the older crowd.

So. We’re pretty much done arguing the case for a presence on social networks.

Some people consider social media more important than sex.

What else can we say?

In fact, that’s it. End of post. We gotta go think this one over…