Summer’s distracting.

For business owners… for employees stuck working inside as they gaze longingly out the windows… and for your customers.

See what we mean? You were sidetracked already, weren’t you?

We understand. We’re not immune. It’s one thing to tweet from the golf course… it’s quite another to blog about social media poolside. (Which we would do, if only someone would invent a waterproof device in our price range.)

When summer comes, it’s only natural that folks start thinking about fun.

See that? Almost lost you again, didn’t we?

So, if everyone is distracted this time of year,  how can you keep your customers engaged when sunshine is calling to them?

Well, TNW Social Media has an interesting article about how some big companies have included their customers’ summer fun in their social media campaigns.

Now, of course those companies are among the “big dogs”. BUT while most small/medium businesses are limited to a somewhat smaller marketing budget, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing an idea if it’s a good one… and this is.

Give us a call. We can help you keep your customers engaged. Because really… when you think about summer dollars, two things come to mind.

Now, one of these makes a nifty souvenier.


And one is the thing that keeps the wheels of business turning.

So there’s our best advice… When summer hands you the lemons of distracted customers, make customer engagement lemonade!

OK. We were really reaching on that last one… But c’mon! The sun is shining, and we’re as distracted as anyone else.  See what you’re up against?

Make the call.