cotemediablog1 It can be safely assumed that social media marketing is becoming a lucrative part of every business’s growth plan. At first glance, it doesn’t seem all that complicated. What does it take to write a few Facebook posts a few times a week? Once you start digging more deeply, you’ll find that social media marketing is in fact a full time job and one that requires full and constant attention. It goes beyond sporadically posting and tweeting; it’s something that must be consistent and strategic.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: it’s impossible to successfully run your business AND your social media. If you don’t fully agree with us just yet, keep reading. Here are three reasons why you need someone to help you along your social media journey:cotemediablog3

1.) It takes time! Like we said before, social media marketing is a full time job. It requires round the clock monitoring to ensure effectiveness. With Facebook insights and Google analytics, it’s very much a numbers game. We pretty much do it in our sleep.

2.)Endless Information! The thing with the internet is that just when you think you have a full understanding of an idea, it’ll completely change the next day! We stay on top of the ever-changing playing field so you don’t have to.

3.) Lack of Skills Chances are, the business you’re in is a reflection of your skills and interests. Our business at Cote Media is a direct reflection of our passion – digital media. We should go where our passions take us, are we right?

As you get further into detail, the list only grows. We’ll expand on these three points throughout the month so if you’re not convinced yet, just stick with us When you come to your senses, Cote Media will always be ready and able to help you out.