Augmented reality (AR) is steadily becoming the standard for both business and personal posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Advanced video and camera tools are now more readily available for professionals and the general public. Moreover, Facebook and other platforms are deliberately engineering their tools so that even those with no advanced training can use them. All of these factors are combining to drive the quick proliferation of augmented reality.

But is AR a valuable investment for businesses? Or is augmented reality only a quirky tool for younger generations to add funny animal animations to their selfies?

According to Facebook and leading creative agencies, the answer is a resounding yes. Augmented reality is not only popular and entertaining, it delivers a substantial ROI. In fact, in one case study, an agency used augmented reality to create an organic post for their client that went on to be their highest performing organic post of all time. Without any ad spend to boost or advertise this AR post, the agency delivered profound engagement metrics for their client.

But outstanding metrics are not the only reason to start employing AR for your agency, storytelling is also a notable benefit. The AR platform includes valuable tools to tell a story to your audience, and storytelling is what engages your customer with your brand to build loyalty.

What exactly is AR? Other than a platform to add animal embellishments to our selfies, how does AR work for business?

With AR, businesses can turn any scene or image into a 3D environment or futuristic animation. The resulting animation stands out, literally, among Facebook users. And according to data, augmented reality results in far-greater engagement among followers.

Commercial video animations that were once cost-prohibitive are now a viable option for businesses of all sizes. What would have been a million dollar investment and seen in a Super Bowl commercial twenty or more years ago is now a real advertising tool for all types of businesses.

How are businesses using AR? Typically, businesses are setting their products, clients, or setting in a combination of reality and futuristic embellishments that speak to their greater goal, vision, or mission. If you want those who use your fragrance to feel like they’re on a beach in Hawaii every time they spray your mist, you might create an AR where a client is surrounded by a vacation animation.

It’s all possible and viable now with AR. What’s the reality with Facebook’s Spark AR? According to Facebook:

Build AR effects with or without code

Drag-and-drop custom animations, interactions and logic into your scene. Use the Patch Editor to manipulate your scene, and add interactivity and logic to your effects.

Import objects and sounds

Add your own sound files and 3D objects. Need assets? Access Facebook’s free library or import high fidelity models through our partnership with Sketchfab.

Create people effects

We’re taking self-expression to another level, because selfies just don’t cut it anymore. Create responsive AR experiences that go beyond simple masks and filters.

Interested in using Augmented Reality for your business? Contact us today! We can bring your advertising to life with Spark Augmented Reality.