Did you ever wish you could go back in time, knowing everything you know now, and start again?

Of course you have. Everyone has thought about it.

Well, when it comes to social media, we”re all going to have that chance.

In the news about Google Plus, we”ve noticed multiple articles that focus on an unadvertised feature… namely, the chance to rebuild your social profile, from scratch. While for some that might be an intimidating prospect, for many it”s an opportunity to take the lessons learned from other social networks and implement them right from the beginning.

At The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal praises the user”s ability to start over with G .

Some network connections have a negative effect on the value you perceive, though they may be difficult to pinpoint; and other negative effects emerge from the sheer quantity of connections. Plus, with every social net I build, I”m getting better at doing it; I”m learning.

From MIT (where rumor has it there are some folks even smarter than we are), there”s a piece on Technology Review that hits the same points.

It”s not just that Google has 10-person video hangouts, or that Google is magically free of privacy worries. It”s that Google has created the opportunity for Facebook-weary people to perform what one called “a reset on Facebook,” allowing them to escape from Facebook members they”ve friended over the years but don”t really want to interact with—and can”t quite bring themselves to defriend.

But it”s not just social media users who get to start fresh, having learned what works and what doesn”t. G as a platform enjoys the same advantage.

Realtime Report has an interesting take… one we agree with.

Know why Google is different?  It’s the first social network actually designed from the ground up online casino’s to be what it’s going to be.  And it has a really big plan.

Like their users, G has learned from experience – their own, and the experiences of every social media platform that”s come before. And instead of reacting and revising, Google used the lessons learned to tweak their services before everybody started signing up.

It’s the only platform that was truly born this way, and it shows.  It has all of the best attributes of the major platforms, while addressing many of their drawbacks.  And it has some ground-breaking new features that don’t currently exist on other platforms, such as the group video chats.

So, while G proudly announced many features when the service rolled out – circles, video hangouts, enhanced photo sharing, etc – a lot of folks are pretty excited about the “unannounced feature” we mentioned…

That virtual reset button.

So go ahead… here”s your chance.

This may be the one time in your life you actually can go back, knowing what you know now, and do it again.

But better, this time.