So, you’ve heard the buzz about social media marketing. More and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, and creating or expanding their online presence. More news stories and blog posts are trumpeting this “new media” as the next step in business evolution.

But you’re still not convinced.

What does it matter how many companies have turned to social media marketing? How does the fact that seventy-odd percent of businesses have an online presence impact you? Why should this affect your decision whether to embrace something new? (Well, other than the fact that your competition probably already has…)

The simplest answer? Because your customers are already using social media.

Edison Research recently released their report “The Social Habit”, a study of social media usage among Americans twelve and over. They found that 52% have a profile on one or more social media sites. That’s an increase of 28% over four years. In fact, the rates have gone up for nearly every age bracket nearly every year.

What’s more, these folks are active users.

Forty-six million Americans (33% of those surveyed) update their social media status several times a day. Another 23% update nearly every day. And those who update frequently are more likely to be “Out-of-home Consumers”. (Translation: Your would-be customers!)

Still not convinced?

A recent post at Forbes emphasizes the need for business to embrace new media:

Two things are sure with regard to social media and businesses: 1) as a way to connect with customers, social media is here to stay; 2) social media will evolve into an essential, customer community-building tool every successful business – large or small – will use.

Incidentally, in a previous post the same writer said:

Remember, as the original social media heretic, I don’t even like the term for business, preferring “building online customer communities.” Regardless, while social media is a craze, it isn’t a fad; it is real and it will last.

So. Social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it will continue to grow. And your customers (and potential customers) are already a part of it… as is your competition.

Convinced yet?

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