We are less than two months away from the annual shopping trifecta: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

Over the years, the Black Friday tradition of blockbuster sales after Thanksgiving has morphed into an entire weekend of sales. Now Black Friday weekend is followed by Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to purchasing from online retailers. The entire shopping frenzy is capped off with Giving Tuesday, devoted to donating to 501C3 charitable nonprofit organizations. 

Many shoppers wait for these sales to complete their holiday shopping or stock up for the year on discounted merchandise. Each year, records are being set with spending over Thanksgiving Day Weekend, with 2018 outperforming previous years. 

According to AdWeek:

U.S. consumers spent $7.9 billion online on Cyber Monday 2018, officially making it the new reigning champ of U.S. ecommerce and topping the 2017 record of $6.6 billion by more than 19 percent.

According to Adobe Analytics, Americans spent 95 million hours shopping online on Monday. That works out to about 20 minutes a person.

Adobe found that 2.2 billion Cyber Monday transactions came from cellphones, marking a year-over-year increase of 55.6 percent. And as was the case on Black Friday, it was the first Cyber Monday that more than 50 percent of sales were from mobile devices. This accounted for 35.9 percent of revenue, a year-over-year increase of 18.3 percent. (On Black Friday, consumers racked up $2.1 billion in smartphone transactions.)

If you own any type of business, it's best to start planning early for the holiday advertising frenzy. Consumers are looking for these sales and discounts. Many retailers are beginning to advertise their promotions as early as October online. 

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You may not want to hear this with the Labor Day weekend looming and it only being August, but yes, it’s time to get ready for Black Friday paid advertising! Who wants to start bringing an end to the glorious summer? Even if it’s only in advertising planning? (OK some of us; you know who you are.) 

The hard truth is that cybersales over Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been ONLY SKYROCKETING in recent years. Trends indicate no decline in optimism for e-commerce. In fact, Black Friday Cyber Sales are one of the key indicators for projecting the influence of e-commerce in years to come.

Check put this graph courtesy of our good friends at Shopify. (Full disclosure: we are Shopify Partners.)

Data proves that e-commerce is growing consistently and reliably (and predictably), as the graph reveals. But statisticians are predicting that as we move closer to 2020, these stats might make some GIANT leaps, outperforming the conservative 10-18% growth trends and maybe even DOUBLING in some years. 

Any amateur can read a graph and tell you what it means. And any business owner can watch this and say they want to start moving online to take part. Any investor can also say that this is a good move.

HOWEVER . . . 

The truth is e-commerce is evolving so fast that it’s a complicated business to get into. It’s an obvious investment. But unless you understand the combination of technology, paid advertising, and content / social media trends, you’re pretty much a sucker from day one.

Every day, e-commerce gets more technologically persuasive. Simple e-commerce websites that used to move product quickly are no longer performing as efficiently as all the applications that are closing in on the website game.

Unless you have a core audience, a social media game plan, and paid advertising strategy, a well done website with some savvy product choices isn’t going to win you anything.

Even technically non-proficient individuals have grown savvy to understanding e-commerce. The average consumer can smell a fake or a fly-by-night operation without understanding websites or app development at all.

They are also LOYAL to certain brands and their social media content. Some people are looking for a fight. And if you hand them even a brief bit of fodder for an argument, they will jump on that. So too, people can be forgiving to their favorite brands—cultivating such likability and loyalty is not an easy target.

But back to Black Friday. All of this is part of any Black Friday strategy. It’s not as simple as paying for an ad telling people you have 50% Off and running it on Facebook or Instagram. You need to have an OVERALL game plan that understands technology and attitudes toward technology PLUS content strategy.

At Cote Media, we understand all of these elements and have proven ability to generate sales via paid advertising. With so many happy clients, we can provide references upon request. Ready to get started on a savvy Black Friday ad campaign? Don’t wait! Message Cote Media today!