Want to execute a foolproof Search Engine Optimization strategy using WordPress? Install the Yoast plugin and always observe its suggestions when publishing online. Combine this with good content strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, and a responsive, fast website, and you are well on your way to climbing the ranks on Google to its page one.

What is Yoast? Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that automatically analyzes each page and provides exact specifications for optimizing your site for Google and Bing's algorithms.

After installed, the plugin will add a meta box at the bottom of every page editor. Using a simple green, yellow, red light system, the program alerts you to problems with your content that may prevent Google's bots from indexing your site favorably.

The program will also provide you with a detailed list of areas of your page that need improvement to comply with Google's algorithms. The tips are very specific and allow you to guarantee that your post is 100% compliant with the ranking system on Google.

Depending on your competition for your keywords, their use of these strategies, and the quality of their websites (responsiveness, page speed), using Yoast can make a considerable impact on your page rankings.  

An advantage of Yoast is that its engineers constantly tweak its analytics to algorithmic changes in search engines. When you upgrade the plugin, its analytics are re-engineered to provide you with the most current strategies for ranking high on Google.

Yoast helps Google read your site clearly so you can rank higher for your keywords online. After coding in your keywords to the meta box at the bottom of each page editor, you simply make sure the keywords are utilized properly within the post or page before publishing. 

You can also use Yoast to specify how your post will appear in Google search. The program also allows you to adjust breadcrumbs and other factors that the Google bots use to index your site. 

Even if you are an expert SEO writer, Yoast is a requirement for your site, especially in WordPress. If you have an efficient site that loads quickly and responsively also utilized AMP and other functions for mobile devices, Yoast will help your site rank.

Don't waste your time publishing online without taking advantage of Yoast. 

Want to install Yoast and start using it for your content strategy? Contact Cote Media today. 

Every business should have the help it needs to succeed on the web. Everyday, agencies and web professionals work with businesses big and small to bring us closer to that reality.” ~Google

Those were the sobering words of Google upon launching its Google Partners, a brand spanking new platform designed to give even more to digital marketing companies. So take notice world; Google has done something and it will save you all from yourselves. Although the mammoth search engine has not yet officially created its own reality, Google Partners hopes to bring them ever closer to that aim.

Google has always been digital marketers frenemy: delivering top-notch advances in the way they conduct business, but being totally absent and unreachable. Such is life when you’re an automated monopoly who wants the entire world to use its search engine to look up naked celebrities. But with Google Partners, it hopes to deliver a very useful and easy-to-use tool for all businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Google Partners 3 Main Goals

We at Cote Media are as excited as a kid before Christmas and eager to rip open our new Google Partner badge.