You're confident. You're savvy. You're smart.

You're one of those people who thinks, "In the time it takes for me to communicate what I need or want done to someone, I could have completed the task myself."

You take ownership of your business and staff.

You're an entrepreneur and you have a clear vision of your goals.

You understand your message AND your target audience.

You have a real understanding of your buyer personas.

You listen to your current customers, and you speak their language.

There's a specific lingo you speak in your industry and you know it best.

You understand the ins and outs of everything going on in your profession.

You have a real vision of your organization's look: colors, photography, video.

You're good with computers and managing programs.

You understand budgeting and auctions.

You're good with Excel and/or Google Sheets. CSV, you think, I totally understand what that means.

If you think you possess any of these qualities or even ALL of these qualities, you have probably thought to yourself, "I can manage my own Facebook Instagram Business Manager." In fact, maybe you already ARE managing your own Facebook Instagram Business Manager if you have these qualities.

But if you are this savvy, you probably haven't gotten there thinking you know everything. You understand that even the best of us need help now and then. And that sometimes (maybe occasionally) we make a misstep in our programming or set-up.

Or maybe you haven't even made a miscalculation, and you're looking for reassurance, a supportive person to tell you you have set your programming up correctly. Such reassurance can give you confidence.

Yes, Cote Media can help you.

How so?

Cote Media runs workshops of various sizes for anyone who wants to manage their own Facebook Instagram Business Manager. The response to these workshops is overwhelmingly positive. Take this review for example:

“This class is game-changing!! Thought provoking, inspiring, and exciting, so much inside knowledge I had no idea about before! I learned how to use new tools for better content, how to use tools I had and didn’t know were there-how to use the tools to make the fun side of social media work for business and attract the people you want! Russ has such fun, down to earth and hilarious energy-love him, love the class, love the time spent. Thank you so much!” - A. Horsewood.

Or this one . . .

"Nobody is more passionate about this topic than Russ...buckle up, take his class, and watch your ROI soar." - Shawn R.

Which type of workshop is right for you depends on your experience with the Business Manager. If you're a beginner, you should probably start with our Beginner Workshop. We then have a more experienced Workshop for those who are more knowledgeable. But we will assess that before signing you up for either! 

We also organize small and large group workshops for entire organizations. This is a good option for teams and businesses who want several members of their staff to contribute to their online advertising strategy. Depending on the size of your group, you can come to us, or we bring the workshop to you! 

If you are inclined to manage your own Facebook Instagram Business Manager, look no further. Call Cote Media today at 732-747-4300.

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So many marketing professionals and DIY business owners boost posts that seem to be gaining traction via their Facebook Newsfeed, but most advertising companies will advise you to never boost. Head straight to the Ads Manager is the better strategy.
Business owners may not realize that by boosting, they are missing out on a plethora of tools and data available in their Facebook Ads Manager -- and that by boosting, they are simply losing out on all of that.
How do you better use the Ads Manager?

  1. In Ads Manager, click the green "+ Create" button
  2. Select either "Brand Awareness" or "Engagement" 
  3. Select "Post Engagement"
  4. Select the blue "Continue" Button
  5. Select Your Post Parameters or Choose a Custom Audience
  6. Select "Continue"
  7. Choose "Use Existing Post"
  8. Select Your Post
  9. Launch the campaign

Why not just boost a post? Because within the Facebook Ads Manager, you can be far more specific with where your ads will appear and to whom. The entire breadth of the Facebook footprint and even beyond can be adjusted by you. When you boost, you're kind of spitting into the wind as they say. 

This begs the question, are you using Facebook Ads Manager? Do you have the Pixel installed? 

If you are only boosting posts here and there, it's time to expand your horizons and start thinking bigger. Boosting posts is commonly considered as a waste of spending by most savvy advertisers. It's time to start learning the Facebook Ads Manager. 

There are plenty of useful tools for learning and applying the Facebook Ads Manager online, but if you're looking for more 1:1 guidance, Cote Media leads LIVE, IN-PERSON workshops where we help business owners learn to manage their ads accounts like the pros. 

Our next workshop is scheduled for 10/11/19 in Red Bank, NJ. But if you can't make it, we can bring the workshop to you! Email us at [email protected] with your interest in a private or group workshop.

What to expect at the workshop?

Attendees receive a general advanced training on using social media to maximize engagement, including basic social media advertising best practices. They’ll get a birds-eye view of how and why their entire digital media “presence” can work to produce compounded results. This will encompass website tips, tracking mechanisms, analytic dissection and Google. 

Ready to sign up to attend? Here is the Registration Link:

The 10/11/19 Workshop is focused on preparing your Business Manager Account for holiday advertising. Especially Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. If you want to promote your business online this year for the holidays, this is the workshop for you!

Check out this review of one of Russ's recent workshops:

“This class is game-changing!! Thought provoking, inspiring, and exciting, so much inside knowledge I had no idea about before! I learned how to use new tools for better content, how to use tools I had and didn’t know were there-how to use the tools to make the fun side of social media work for business and attract the people you want! Russ has such fun, down to earth and hilarious energy-love him, love the class, love the time spent. Thank you so much!” - A. Horsewood


With all the available content online for managing a DIY social media advertising campaign, many business owners are wondering if a LIVE social media workshop for their organization is worthwhile or necessary.

Can't my employees just watch a YouTube video to learn this? Can't they Google these strategies?

The answer is a lot more complicated than you might expect.

A LIVE social media conference for your employees is an indispensable necessity for almost every type of business and organization. With the growing power and influence of social media to make or break any organization, a social media workshop is something that should not be skipped or postponed.

Budgetary concerns?

We have earmarked those dollars for something else, managers say. We need to be bringing in revenue, they say, not spend more.

The simple truth is that a social media workshop might start earning additional revenue for your organization IMMEDIATELY.

Take this recent review of a Cote Media Workshop. The participant is stunned by the amount of useful information acquired. She reports then that this workshop started proving its value INSTANTLY. The attendee writes:

This class was amazing! I couldn't believe all the information I learned from him. The next day we started implementing what we learned and we saw instant results. This class is great for both beginners and those that already have a following. Highly recommend!

When you give each and every one of your employees the tools to manage a social media campaign, they become foot soldiers for your organization. Say you have 100 employees. Yes, you might pay for advertising solely, but what do you think about training all those 100 employees to start using social media to promote your brand? That has exponential potential to grow your brand organically.

A Live Social Media Workshop is a necessity in this economy. 

An additional advantage of a live workshop is that it is tailored to your brand, your mission, and your message. When you encourage or allow your employees to utilize a hodgepodge of random online social media tutorials, you are risking that they start putting tools that don't suit your business to use, and wasting their time and yours.

A Live Social Media Conference is unquestionably beneficial for almost every organization. If you are interested in tailoring a conference to your brand, message us today!

Russ Cote is an International Brand Manager who travels the country, leading organizations' workshops and training employees to become brand ambassadors for their organizations. Learn more on our Workshop page.


The power of social media to sink or elevate an organization in seconds is unquestionable. With smartphones, every customer and employee has tremendous power to instantaneously tweet information that could cost you millions of dollars or more--or bring in huge revenue. 

Thank YOU! We can’t wait to have you back, Russ! - Cote Media Workshop Testimonial

Social media assaults on businesses are well-covered even in major news publications, with online magazine publishing entire threads of customer complaints. Perhaps the most well-known of these threads are airline complaints. United, JetBlue, and SouthWest have all been exposed on social media by customers in well-televised Twitter or Facebook rants. How much might these posts have cost the airlines? The number isn't known, but events like these could prove fatal to their reputation.

Thank you for your time and knowledge! By far the most informative Social Media class yet! - Cote Media Workshop Testimonial

On top of these more candid events, employees also have power to boost revenue for your business enormously. Popular wisdom nowadays for most new graduates in any industry is self-branding. Recent graduates entering the workforce are encouraged to think of themselves as brands and to cultivate brand awareness for their own goals. They create videos, posts, and websites all tailored to their personal brand. Once hired, these employees then use their brand to rise through the ranks of organizations, raising both the organization and themselves through their "platform."

What great information! Every salon should take this class! - Cote Media Workshop Testimonial

Platform is the common word for a personal brand's complete online profile. A platform typically includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and more. Recent graduates enter the workforce with vast platforms and networks, as well as fluency in most major smartphone communications.

In such an atmosphere, it's essential for businesses to have a social media strategy in place. While some companies are turning to online training courses for their employees, many are going the old-fashioned route: live in-person workshops led by social media experts who can teach your employees some of the basics.

Russ Cote of Cote Media leads social media workshops nation-wide. His events are not lectures; They are hands-on workshops where individuals leave with real results.

Great Social Networking Class today with Russ! - Cote Media Workshop Testimonial

Russ specializes in tailoring his workshop to your industry and empowering employees to be ambassadors for your brand. He also empowers them with real technical knowledge to launch effective results-oriented advertising campaigns through both personal and business Facebook pages.

The feedback he receives from his attendees is overwhelmingly positive -- many remarking that they were unaware of such methods for growing their business. 

If you're looking for a social media workshop for your business or industry, message or call 732-747-4300 Cote Media today!



Businesses and organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities today. Before the advent of smartphone technology and social media, business owners would lock their offices or shops at the end of the day and go home. Now, it's as if each of your employees are walking around with a key to your business every day and all day -- right on their smartphone. You might lock up your physical location, but as virtual spokespeople for your organization, one post or candid video taken by an employee has the power to go "viral" and wreak serious damage to your business. Likewise, one post might bring great benefits.

Having a social media policy—and training employees to follow it—are critical practices for every organization. Even if your company is not using social media, you still need a policy because your employees are using it in their private lives and they need guidelines to protect your interests and your organization’s reputation. - Aliah D. Wright, Social Media 101: Get a Policy, SHRM

In this climate, business owners are making real plans for any scenario. Social Media legal contracts are now standard for most new hires, the lengthy contracts citing very specific do's and don'ts enforced by consequences such as immediate suspension, firing, or even legal action. 

Corporations are growing more attuned to combatting online language that might be interpreted as insensitive or tone deaf to the LGBTQ community, gender, race, or disadvantaged communities. Employees are carefully taught to use sensitivity when communicating online.

Before creating a social media policy, employers should decide what they want to get out of social media, advises Eric Meyer, a partner in the labor employment law group of Dilworth Paxson LLP. He says companies’ social media policies should speak to every type of communication employees publish on the Internet—including comments on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, blogs, wikis, online discussion boards, Google Groups, Tumblr, and video- and photo-sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr—because "any of that could impact the company." -
Aliah D. Wright, Social Media 101: Get a Policy, SHRM

If you haven't created a social media policy for your company, now is the time to do so. Free resources are available online for developing a policy. Free templates can be downloaded and edited with your organization's information.

Don't wait until it's too late to create a policy. Without a policy, you are handicapping yourself in a legal situation. While there are laws that enforce online libel, free speech laws will also be influential in any type of legal matter. Creating a policy that employees sign well in advance of any incident may speed up any necessary event. 

In addition to a social media policy, an in-person workshop can help reinforce company standards for online engagement. Cote Media leads workshops nationwide and can tailor a workshop for your industry.

Call us today at 732-747-4300 if you are interested in a social media workshop for your organization.