We all have a dream career and the first step to getting there is finding an open position.  So where do you start? You can plug in your desired job and find a list of openings within a sea of job search engines.  That two-step doesn’t always generate the results you need, though!  LinkedIn takes it further to get YOU further!

Your profile page!

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet”

profile page

The website is fool-proof when it comes to creating your profile which is a website display of your resume.   Categories include honors, certifications, test scores, and languages. The great thing about having an online resume is connecting your employers who also have a LinkedIn profile, inserting links to proof of your eligibility, and uploading images.  That’s an extra edge!

Interests & Connections

“A healthy professional life starts with healthy relationships.”


To hone in one exactly what you’re looking for, select companies and groups that grasp your interest.   Connect with past and present employers and co-workers to expand your reach.  Based on your profile, LinkedIn also suggests connections. You can share articles and job postings with these people.

Home page!

When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.”

home page

This isn’t just a stream of status updates. LinkedIn creates your homepage with your interests in mind. You’ll find the tools for success in articles and blogs with titles such as “How to Land Your Dream Job at Your Dream Company!”  Also, LinkedIn notifies you of milestones so you can congratulate those you are connected with, strengthening your relationships!



You can expect great access with a free profile, but LinkedIn also offers paid plans to expand your horizon.  Just keep in mind, that paying doesn’t guarantee you will get the job.  Do all you can to build a resume that best represent your skills and what you bring to the position.



With a complete profile and your compiled interests, you’re ready to search for a job!  LinkedIn lets you save searches, save jobs, and see the jobs you’ve applied to.


LinkedIn is different from job searches you’ve tried in the past.  It’s more than a search engine; it’s a guide to your career!