This is a decent list:

Building a site and not promoting it (through SEO, social media, PPC and all the various methods out there) is the same as opening a store on a street no one ever walks or drives down and then keeping the lights off, not having a sign and putting paper over the windows.

Believe it or not, which means you should believe it, ask a seasoned internet junkie like me and they’ll tell you that Facebook is littered with pages exactly like this. A company starts a facebook page, throws up a couple of quick posts and then doesn’t touch the page again for a year, or two years, or longer.

It’s depressing. Kind of like an online Detroit…all due respect to Detroit, of course.

Not doing proper keyword research.

Listen, this isn’t rocket science and quite frankly, way too much effort is devoted to “researching” effective keywords. You know your business. You know how your customers define your business. You know what you want people to search for…that’s how you tag your business. If you want people to buy wrenches from you, you don’t tag your stuff ‘lollipops’.

Read the rest of the report as it’s quite good.

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