Another day, another nude celebrity photo leak. Only this time, as we’re sure you’ve heard, it’s not really an isolated incident. While J.Law and Kate Upton have confirmed that the photos are theirs, the rest have either denied it or have stayed silent. Now the FBI is involved and blah, blah, blah. Apple’s iCloud is also implicated in the security breach.



There are three interesting questions that stem from this story:

1.) Should women feel the need to suppress their “sexual creativity” out of fear that the rest of the population will exploit them?

2.) Should celebrities – and literally everyone else – be extra cautious about how they exchange photos in our digital world? We live in a time where legislation had to be passed about “sexting”, after all.

3.) Just HOW MUCH effort did this hacker put into finding and releasing these photos of such a huge spectrum of celebrities? That definitely tips the creepy scale.

While #1 and #3 are just as important, we feel that some personal responsibility and general caution needs to be taken in this day and age. Everybody now knows that what goes on the internet stays out there forever. This includes texting, sexting, whatever you wanna call it. We’re no celebrities over here and there is no way we could ever participate in such an act that could eventually lead to humiliation. If you’re the public eye, especially then, extra caution needs to be taken about what you do with your private life. While the acts of the hacker are undoubtedly reprehensible and inexcusable, we all have to be mindful that they DO exist and there are probably many more where this guy came from.



Internet : 1, People: 0.