Business owners are busy focusing on their passion and day-to-day operations. While they are aware that social media is a must, mastering the fine art of tools like Instagram is just another task they may not have the time or interest to develop. That’s where we at Cote Media step in. We are experts at social media strategy and can anticipate questions you may have to give your business a better social media experience.

Often business owners will ask how their competitors are accessing such robust data about their customers and industry on Instagram for instance. How do they discover such in-depth data on similar business accounts they compete with? How are they accessing mentions about their business or industry across Instagram so efficiently?

But not only that. Businesses are watching their competitors engage on Instagram with the following actions and not seeing such options in their own accounts. With far greater efficiency and efficacy, their competitors are using Instagram to:

Their competitors are also exporting this data via excel to develop robust advertising campaigns. Business owners look at the Instagram insights accessed via their business account and recognize limitations.

“I don’t think I’m seeing on Instagram what my competitors are,” Business owners will say. “How are they accessing such data?”

Business owners are unaware that developers like Cote Media can install a custom Instagram Graph API in their Facebook Business Accounts. What can businesses do with the Graph API?

Currently, the new Instagram Graph API features include:

Hashtag Search [NEW]: Allows businesses to find public photos and videos that have been tagged with a #hashtag relevant to their Business Account.

Insights: Help businesses access and analyze valuable metrics about their Instagram business profile to optimize the performance of organic content on Instagram.

Mentions: A subset of Instagram Graph API endpoints and Webhooks that allow you to identify public captions, comments, and media in which your Business Account alias has been tagged or @mentioned.

Comment Moderation: Enable businesses to more efficiently interact with their audience through comments under their media on Instagram: reply to comments, delete comments, hide/unhide comments, and disable/enable comments on your Business Account’s media object.

Business Discovery: Allows you to get basic metadata and metrics for other Instagram Business Accounts.

Content Publishing (in Beta): Available through Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners only. Post an image to Feed with or without a caption.

If you are using Facebook and Instagram for your business, the time is now to install these advanced graph components and other tools. The components are storing and archiving invaluable data to grow and advance your business. If you are not using these insights, your competitors probably are in order to optimize their social media campaigns.

Contact Cote Media today. We can optimize all your social media accounts including Instagram with tools like the Graph API so you can make the most of your advertising campaigns.