Our friends at Vitrue take a more optimistic view of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages:

Bottom line, the only sure thing in life is change.  And change is even more of a sure thing with Facebook.  But Timeline for Brands represents a social marketing opportunity in 3 key areas:

Expression – You can build your brand’s identity through creative curation of the Timeline

Reach – You can reach your audience regardless of where they are, be it mobile, laptop or desktop

Respond – You can directly interact with individual fans, a brand new channel for closed-loop communication

We can’t wait to see the new you!

That’s fair. But as the video below (from Vitrue’s post) from the Today Show indicates, the question of whether ‘fans’ care enough to follow your history through the timeline certainly remains to be seen. It’s worth a shot for most companies though.

We have to ask…would you take the time to scroll through 5, 10 or 50 years of Facebook Timeline posts to learn the history of a company in which you’re interested?