In what’s brewing to become the third installment in our War for Independence, British Broadcaster ITV has basically threatened Apple about using the now-ubiquitous “i” before “TV”, lest the redcoats mount up and fire the second shot heard ’round the world:

Adam Crozier, chief executive of Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster, raised the issue with the company when he took the job in 2010, amid expectations that Apple would follow the pattern of branding used for its iPhone and iPad when it eventually cracked television.

At the time, ITV, the broadcaster of popular period drama Downton Abbey, received assurances that Apple would not muscle into its territory, at least in the UK.

However, insiders fear that the world’s biggest company might take a different stance under Tim Cook, who replaced Steve Jobs as chief executive shortly before Mr Jobs died in August last year.

We have to recognize a more likely consequence of this little “tiff”, courtesy of an astute commenter at The Telegraph:

Translation: “Dear Apple, please please please choose the name iTV so that we can sell it to you for a big pile of cash.”


Here’s your UK SOPA-inspired Family Guy Clip of the Day: