Despite the big hit that our economy has taken in the past few years, some ladies still want to be married like a princess!  So how do couples on a tight budget still manage a dream wedding?  There are some things that you can scratch off the to-do list or alter without compromising the big day!  One of those things: hiring a professional photographer!

These days, anyone with a camera phone is capable of capturing those “money shots,” and it’s become second nature to share those photos on social media, tagging them. Take advantage of that!  If a majority of your guests have a smart phone and a social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you not only have one photographer, you have a whole party of them capturing several moments from different points of view! It’s like a 360 degree experience of your wedding day!

Capture your guests’ photos of the event in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Create a unique hashtag so your pictures won’t be mixed in with someone else’s big day!


Step 2: Display the hashtag at the ceremony and/or reception.


Step 3: Have a great time!

wedding selfie

This is a great way to keep the reception fun and natural! By the end of the festivities, you have enough pictures for that perfect wedding day album!

~Jessica Vasquez