Just when you thought you’ve heard enough about Revel Casino, we all find out the new buyers got a 96% discount on their purchase. Originally built for $2.4 BILLION, Revel was just auctioned off for a bargain price of $110 million. Pocket change in comparison.

So what would a weekend in Atlantic City cost at the Revel Discount? Are you ready?

1.) A one-night stay at The Borgata Hotel

Originally $459 per night for a Suite, it would come out to a bank-breaking $17.16 at the Revel Discount. We can’t say we wouldn’t move there.

hotel room

2.) Bottle Service at Mixx Nightclub

Clocking in at a whopping $5,000 for a 3 Liter bottle of Dom Perignon, the Revel Discount would get it to you for $200. We’d have it with breakfast every morning.


3.) Round Trip Cost of gas from Red Bank to Atlantic City

It’s 93 miles from Red Bank to AC. The average MPG is 24.9 and the average cost per gallon is $3.27. So round trip would cost you $12. Not at the Revel Discount! It would be 96 cents. Borderline laughable.


4.) A Pack of Cigarettes

Cigarettes at Atlantic City prices are $13.75 per pack. Let that sink in for a sec. With the Revel Discount, it’s only 55 cents. Yup.


5.) A Beach Boys Concert

Because who doesn’t love the Beach Boys? At regular ticket price, one ticket is $219. At the Revel Discount price, it’s $8.76. You could buy like 25 of them for the price of one.  We could bring along Barbara Ann!

<> at Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater on April 24, 2012 in Tucson, Arizona.

6.) Limo Ride

A limo ride from Steel Pier to Revel Casino for four people round trip is $120. Not that bad to start. At 96% off, it’s $4.80. Even better.

limousine service

7.) Cover Charge for the Pool at Harrah’s

The going rate for this is around $10…again, not terrible. With the Revel Discount, it’s only .40! We’d pay for the whole club!

cover charge

8.) Package Deal at the Tropicana

For a two-night “Romantic Getaway” package at the Trop, it’s $206. It includes a Standard Room, One $75 Tropicana & Quarter Gift Card to be used for dining, shopping, and entertainment, Continental Breakfast in Bed for Two People One Morning, and Health Club Admission. Cue the Revel Discount! Only $8.24! That’s a cheap date!

package deal

9.) Helicopter Ride

It’s $6800 for a six person helicopter ride. At 96%, it’s $272. That’s just over $45 per person!

helicopter 2

10.) Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy “Celebration” Basket

For lots of taffy and other goodies, you can spend $78.99.  In the Revel world, it’s only $3.16. That’s not far from the 1885 original price of 30 cents for one pound of taffy! Sweet!



11.) Golf at Atlantic City Country Club on Friday or Saturday

One round of golf with cart is $120. Not at the Revel Discount! It’s $4.80.


12.) A day at the Spa

A Hot Stone Massage for two people at Bally’s is $400. With the Revel Discount it’s only $16. We’d be there all day…forever.


13.) Dinner at Homestead Steakhouse

It’s $56 for a 19oz Filet Mignon. That’s just the filet mignon. At the Revel Discount price of $2.24, you could even spring for a side dish!


14.) AC Jitney Senior Price

It’s $.75 for a senior ride.  At the Revel Discount, all you need is 3 pennies.


15.) High Class “Companion”

You get what we’re saying. For the best, you can drop $1400 for just one night. At the Revel Discount, it’s $112 for TWO nights. Party time?


A whole weekend in AC, with all the fixin’s at 96% off , would run you $651.06!

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