With all the available content online for managing a DIY social media advertising campaign, many business owners are wondering if a LIVE social media workshop for their organization is worthwhile or necessary.

Can't my employees just watch a YouTube video to learn this? Can't they Google these strategies?

The answer is a lot more complicated than you might expect.

A LIVE social media conference for your employees is an indispensable necessity for almost every type of business and organization. With the growing power and influence of social media to make or break any organization, a social media workshop is something that should not be skipped or postponed.

Budgetary concerns?

We have earmarked those dollars for something else, managers say. We need to be bringing in revenue, they say, not spend more.

The simple truth is that a social media workshop might start earning additional revenue for your organization IMMEDIATELY.

Take this recent review of a Cote Media Workshop. The participant is stunned by the amount of useful information acquired. She reports then that this workshop started proving its value INSTANTLY. The attendee writes:

This class was amazing! I couldn't believe all the information I learned from him. The next day we started implementing what we learned and we saw instant results. This class is great for both beginners and those that already have a following. Highly recommend!

When you give each and every one of your employees the tools to manage a social media campaign, they become foot soldiers for your organization. Say you have 100 employees. Yes, you might pay for advertising solely, but what do you think about training all those 100 employees to start using social media to promote your brand? That has exponential potential to grow your brand organically.

A Live Social Media Workshop is a necessity in this economy. 

An additional advantage of a live workshop is that it is tailored to your brand, your mission, and your message. When you encourage or allow your employees to utilize a hodgepodge of random online social media tutorials, you are risking that they start putting tools that don't suit your business to use, and wasting their time and yours.

A Live Social Media Conference is unquestionably beneficial for almost every organization. If you are interested in tailoring a conference to your brand, message us today!

Russ Cote is an International Brand Manager who travels the country, leading organizations' workshops and training employees to become brand ambassadors for their organizations. Learn more on our Workshop page.