As much as we’d like to conquer the world solo, very few businesses can meet all of their clients’ needs in one stop.  That’s okay because success enjoys company!  If you’re getting a new business off the ground or jump starting one, a sure way to build your clientele is to go where your clients go: other businesses! We don’t suggest stealing business from the competition. Instead, round out what you can offer.  Team up with companies that compliment your own, and can work with you to treat your client like a super star!

There is one occasion that demands plenty of diverse businesses: the wedding!  A wedding party’s to-do list can be a mile long! By making everything as easy as possible, you’re guaranteed to have return clients or at least have positive news of your business spread like wild fire! The wedding serves as a great example to understand how getting to know your neighbors can benefit your business and your clients!

Step 1: Know your Client’s Needs

In the case of a wedding, the list of businesses needed for the occasion ranges from a photographer, a printing service for invitations, a caterer, baker, and the list goes on!  Point in case, you need the same list that your wedding party has so you can start to look for businesses to partner with!

We’re not saying to sneak into their laptop or smart phone and steal their list!  We mean brain-storm! You just might think of something they forgot, or maybe your business could give a wedding that unique touch!

Step 2: Satisfy Your Client’s Every Need

A client does not want to be going all over America to check off their list!  This might not be such a problem if everything is over the web, but being geographically close to a business is always the best choice.  The best ones to partner with are those that you know can get the job done, either through great reviews or personal experience!

Contact these businesses (plural), in person or online, to discuss how you can help each other out! Be sure to exchange business cards for in-person clients or a website address and pictures to post on your new business partner’s page. Also, in the world of social media, be sure to follow each other!

The Sassy Chic Boutique of Red Bank, NJ, gets a lot of wedding parties in the shop!  Owner Donna Orrechia guides her clients to their next destination, The Cheese Cave of Red Bank.

“They’re getting married and I know that they have a lot of parties coming up, and I just feel that that would really add something, add a whole new level to their experience.”

In a town built on independent shops, it’s smart for the businesses to team up! Keep in mind that if you only partner with one service, you could fall short. An extra incentive for potential clients is a discount they can receive when going from a partner business to yours!  It can be as simple as mentioning where they heard about your service.

Step 3: Get out there!

Don’t expect the clients to seek out your particular business, especially if you are new to the game or have been struggling.  Search for conventions and community events that can benefit your company. Don’t spend money or time on an event that will not return on your investment.

Like we said earlier, you might know a need that most clients forget.  If your business satisfies that need, or is unique from the competition in any way, you’ll want to get your name out there as much as possible!

To keep with the theme of making nice with the neighbors, pass on news of profitable events to the businesses you are working alongside.  By keeping them in the know, they will return the favor!  You’ll also be able to use your cross promotional skills at these events!

 Step 4: Success!

These steps don’t just apply to businesses that complete a wedding day!  They are a guideline meant to expand your horizon!  Whether your business is a small fish in a big pond or you’re surrounded by company, it’s smart to get to know your neighbors! By getting your name out there through other businesses, in their store or on their website, you can only multiple your chances of success!