Have a WordPress Shop using WooCommerce? If so, it's never been easier to integrate Facebook and all its business benefits into your website using the Facebook WooCommerce Extension. How do you get started?

In your WordPress Dashboard, Navigate to WooCommerce in your left Panel, the to the submenu item, Extensions. WordPress will recommend a number of extensions to improve your site's performance. The Facebook Extension will be recommended.  Here is the link directly to the extension: https://woocommerce.com/products/facebook/.

Simply select the link and you will be redirected to the WooCommerce Extensions Store. Fortunately, since it's available via the Facebook Developers team, it's free! 

Download the extension and install it through your plugins. Within the plugin, you will be asked to enter details and links to your Facebook Page and authenticate your role as a manager. 

Once installed, the magic works pretty quickly! If you have your Facebook Shop Tab enabled and linked to your page, your products will begin populating very quickly within your Facebook Shop. If they are approved by Facebook, you can start selling your products via your Facebook page almost immediately.

Why sell through Facebook and how to target via Facebook for a win-win campaign?

Using Facebook, your customers can utilize one-click purchases, AND you can target audiences who customarily make purchases via Facebook for an even more successful campaign.

Let me repeat that in other words to emphasize the possibilities. Using the Facebook Ads Manager, you can select that the audience who views your ads are Facebook Users who frequently make purchases via Facebook Shops. Combine that with your custom audience data, and you are well on your way to targeting an audience who will be far more likely to make purchases on your Facebook Shop.

Have an Instagram profile? Your next step is making sure your Instagram is linked to your Facebook shop, THEN in your account settings, enabling the Shop feature. Once approved, the very same items synced to your Facebook page will become available on your Instagram profile. You can tag posts with products and your Instagram audience can shop via your profile.

Is this the future that will replace shopping as we have understood it for the past 50 years? Possibly. People are growing accustomed to the specificity and convenience of online shopping. For busy high earners, online shopping is a time-saver that allows them to focus on their careers and hobbies. 

Need help installing the Facebook Extension on your WooCommerce account? Message us today!