Are You Using Facebook Pixel?

August 16, 2019
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Surprisingly, despite extensive publicity about the necessity of Facebook Pixel, many organizations still have not installed the Pixel onto their website. If you’re one of the businesses still holding out, it’s time to start using the Pixel to start driving customers to your services.

Many businesses are adverse to Facebook and favor Instagram. Therefore, the term “Facebook” Pixel detracts them from using it. We often have to explain that the Facebook Pixel, since Facebook owns Instagram, is also the main data source for targeted Instagram advertising. 

What is the Pixel? The work required to install the Pixel is NOT as extensive as revamping your car’s engine. But it can send your sales into a higher, more efficient speed. Installing the Facebook Pixel can take less than a half hour believe it or not, but it can cause MAJOR improvements to ALL your advertising campaigns.

The Pixel is a snippet of code generated by Facebook that is simply placed in the header code of your website. Installing it is as simple as asking your website manager to edit your header file. Once the snippet of code is installed, the Facebook Browser plugin will verify it’s operational. Businesses that have diverse targeting may even have more than one Pixel installed.

What do you do then with the Pixel? Well, have you ever had that experience where you visit a website and then suddenly you start seeing ads for that site on Instagram and Facebook? That’s how that works. But that’s not all it does.

With the Facebook Pixel you can direct very targeted ads to your website visitors. If someone looks at a particular page or item, you can retarget them with ads for what they visited anywhere on Facebook or Instagram. 

While some describe this as creepy, the data shows this as effective at growing sales. Social media users do click on these retargeting ads and tend to shop. This also allows you to make sure the people seeing your ads have genuine interest in your services or products. 

The Facebook Pixel also allows you to create custom targeted audiences that are far more likely to choose your services. You can combine characteristics about these audiences to create even more targeted audiences. For example, combine the page they visited on your site with characteristics about their Facebook likes and their personal demographics such as age, location, and career. Understanding this data and creating targeted ads is how e-commerce businesses are experiencing MASSIVE growth and sometimes overnight success.

Those are just a few of the uses for the Facebook Pixel. Interested in learning how you can install the Pixel? Message us today! 

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