Christmas Social Media Ideas

December 12, 2019
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Christmas Social Media Ideas

'Tis the season to be jolly! But just how jolly should your social media accounts be this time of year?

Do you go all out on your social media pages for the holiday? Or do you stay more conservative in your posts?

It's all a matter of personal interest and taste of course! But if you are in a festive spirit and you believe your audience / customers will appreciate some holiday cheer, go for it!

Need ideas? Not to worry!

We gathered ideas from leading marketing and advertising providers. They share tips and techniques for appealing to customers during the holidays.

Please check out some of the ideas below. If you need help implementing them, contact Cote Media today!



According to Crello, a social media design platform, there are several ways to add more seasonal features to your social media accounts. These handy ideas are sure to trigger several ad campaign ideas!

For example:

  • Christmas Video Campaigns
  • Christmas Card Designs
  • Christmas User Generated Content
  • Christmas-themed Instagram and Facebook ads
  • Christmas Contests
  • Gift Guides
  • Recipe Cards
  • Christmas Fonts
Need help bringing these ideas to life? Contact us today! Read the entire article on Crello here. 




Taggbox, a user-generated content platform, recommends the following in their article "7 Easy Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas." Try the following ideas to add some holiday spirit to your social media profiles and campaigns!
  • Make sure your social media profiles are attractive
  • Organize exciting giveaways and prizes
  • Post Behind the Scenes Christmas Decoration Posts
  • Create discounts to help customers save on holiday shopping
  • Design posts around holiday decor and decorating
  • Create a hashtag campaign for your holiday theme or message
  • Target Specific Geographic locations


Express Writers, a platform for ordering custom content for your blog and website, offers the following tips. One of our favorites is trying to get your products promoted in other brands' gift guides!

  • Decorate your social media profiles
  • Host a Holiday Giveaway
  • Highlight Your products for gift-giving
  • Speak to the emotions of the season
  • Ask for your followers' favorite recipes
  • Start a 12 Days of Christmas Campaign
  • Add a fun Santa hat to your profile photos
  • Get your products into other brands' gift guides 

If you need help with any of these campaigns, contact Cote Media! We are always on call to help you with your online marketing and advertising needs!

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